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Your Christmas Checklist: 10 Things You Can’t Forget On Christmas Day

Call this your ultimate Christmas checklist, because you’ll need it to remember all of these little things to make sure Christmas Day runs as smoothly as possible.

We all know what it feels like, waking up on the one day a year where every shop, pub and restaurant are closed and realising you forgot that one important thing.

Having a Christmas checklist prepared in advance will make sure you’re stocked up on all the Christmas must haves you’ll need, so you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Your Christmas checklist for the big day

Wrapped Christmas gifts with pine and baubles

Make sure you have all of these Christmas essentials on hand for the day itself!


A non-negotiable on your Christmas holiday checklist if you have little kids, because many must have Christmas toys don’t come with batteries included.

Avoid any sad faces by having a stockpile of batteries of all shapes and sizes – or if you want to be really prepared, double check all of the toys that will be appearing under the Christmas tree and make sure you have enough of the right size of battery.


The dreaded realisation that you have no milk when you go to make a cuppa on Christmas morning…

Avoid this awful moment and make sure milk is top of your Christmas shopping list.


You have set your table, and it looks absolutely beautiful. However, you still need to give your dinner guests napkins, but you don’t want to ruin all your efforts with sheets of kitchen roll. Invest in some beautiful cotton or linen napkins when shopping for your Christmas checklist – you won’t regret it.


You no doubt know how many guests are going to be coming to dinner, but do you have enough plates to get them through the courses? This is incredibly important, especially if you are not doing the washing between courses. Extend this thought to bowls, cups and cutlery.


While dinner is, of course, the main event of the day, Christmas snacks are equally important to keep everyone happy in the run up to the main course. Make sure you have enough snacks on your Christmas checklist; we’re talking Tayto, Roses, Celebrations – the works!

Extra Presents

You do not want to be in the position of a kind neighbour dropping around with a Christmas gift for you, and you have nothing to give them in return. Have a few boxes extra boxes of biscuits or chocolates (and some stocking fillers for kids) hanging around just in case; you’ll both appreciate it!

Spare Christmas Cards

We don’t want to think of the amount of times we have realised last minute that we have accidentally left someone off the Christmas card list. Avoid this by having spare cards floating around the house to fill in and give at a moment’s notice. Add stamps to your Christmas holiday checklist, too, in case of last-minute postal emergencies.

Wrapping Paper

Christmas wrapping supplies are a necessity every year, whether you might need to wrap that aforementioned last minute gift to make it not look last minute, or you’ve just left wrapping until the very last moment. This one definitely can’t hurt!

Board Games

Keep the whole family entertained with some great board games. Go for old classics like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or Kerplunk.

Christmas Jumper

No Christmas party is complete without donning your Christmas jumper. You can get yourself some of the best ones for the whole family at Littlewoods Ireland.

The Ultimate Christmas Checklist

Print out this ultimate Christmas shopping list and bring it with you!

  • Batteries: AA, AAA and any other sizes you might need
  • Milk (and teabags!)
  • Napkins, tablecloths, table runner
  • Plates, bowls, cups and saucers
  • Snacks (and plenty of them!)
  • Spare stocking fillers and small gifts
  • Christmas cards
  • Wrapping paper, ribbon and sticky tape
  • Board games
  • A fun Christmas jumper


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