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5 emotions that we all go through when watching Hurling!

Do you feel any of these?

Hurling is like no other sport in the world. For the 70 minutes of the game, you will find yourself glued to it and completely engrossed. Your heart will be racing and there may be times when you are nearly pulling your hair out.

Has anyone else found themselves with their fingers masking their eyes and saying out loud, ‘I can’t look!’? We have all been there, especially after all the thrilling #StyleOfPlay hurling action that happened over the summer!

With the All-Ireland Final only a matter of days away, it has us thinking about the all the feelings we will go through on the day. Let us know if you feel these emotions too!


If you are an avid GAA fan, the excitement before the match is unbelievable. You look forward to it all week, and then when the weekend arrives, you know it is time to don your jersey and show your support. From the buzz around your club and town to the cheers of support that rings around the stadium, you can’t help but be bursting excitement.

Speaking of which, is anyone else beyond excited for the upcoming All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final? We certainly can’t wait!


When you are in the stands or perched on the sidelines watching GAA, you have to admire the players. Especially in Hurling or Camogie when the skills the players show are just phenomenal.

There have been certain #StyleOfPlay skills this summer that has left our jaws nearly on the ground. You find yourself wondering, how did he manage to do that? It is like they are almost magical, wizards of hurling. Though the best about it is, they are normal people who have dedicated their lives to the sport and will get up for work the next day after a game. Players, we salute you.


You know that feeling in your stomach when you are on edge and it is almost too much to keep watching? Yep, that is the one we are talking about. But that is the beauty of the sport.

Your team could be behind by 7 or 8 points and then somehow pull it back to draw level. That is when the nerves really kick in! With the clock counting down and all players giving it hell for leather, you can’t help but feel a rush of nerves!


If your team has given it there all, it is sheer relief that you feel when they make it over the line and secure a win! The relief that knowing that all their hard work has paid off and they have made it through.


It is difficult to sum up the pride that people feel whether it be in their club, county or the GAA in general. The pride the supporters feel when they watch their team win is exceptional.

When John Mullane famously said ‘I just love me county’ you didn’t have to be a follower of hurling to hear the pride in his voice. The GAA is much greater than a sport.  It is your sense of identity, belonging and way to express that passion for who and your family are. That is something we are all proud of.

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Ellen McConville

Ellen is the Sports Content Writer for Littlewoods Ireland and your go to gal for all things GAA. She is a fluent Irish speaker and a big fan of fashion, music and some cheese and wine as well.

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