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Five Things That Are Bound to Happen During the Late Late Toy Show

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The days are getting shorter, the shops are filled with Christmas decorations and the kid’s Santa letters are almost finalised.  All of this could only mean that the Late Late Toy Show is well and truly on its way.  It seems to be an old Irish tradition for the family to get comfortable in their favourite seats and relax just in time for the annual Late Late Toy Show.  But we’ve also put together a few more incidents, or traditions we’ll call them, that always happen when it comes to the Late Late Toy Show.

The Toy Show 2017
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1. Christmas pyjamas are pulled out

Of course you have to be at your comfiest when relaxing at night, but when it comes to sitting down to watch the Toy Show that’s where the Christmas pyjamas come in.  Every little festive feel counts!  We love this Coca Cola set, the ideal Christmas pyjamas!


Coca-Cola Pyjama Set, €35.00
Coca-Cola Pyjama Set, €35.00

2. The certainty that you’ll win the amazing holiday

‘This is the year, I can feel it, we’re winning that competition’.  Sound familiar?  There’s always an amazing holiday as a competition prize, along with it comes the certainty that you’ll be the one to win.  Is there anything more disappointing than when Ryan Tubridy is calling the winner and your phone stays blank?  Nope.  But we’ll still be entering, so fingers crossed!


3. The toys that just refuse to work

Every year, it’s almost as if certain toys just refuse to do their job. How is it always the ones we want to see most?

the toy show
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4. The kids new and revamped Santa list gets ten times longer

Just when you thought it was finally done, the list of Santa presents doubles.  Of course, you can expect it at this stage but let’s just hope that it doesn’t become something too drastic!


5. The one child that takes the internet by storm

Every year, you can almost guarantee that there’ll be at least one child that Twitter just goes into meltdown over.  Just like John Joe the horologist.  He appeared on the Toy Show way back in 2009 and will probably pop up in conversation every time we tune into the Toy Show.

The Toy Show 2017
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If you’re planning on getting some of the kids’ Christmas bits before the Toy Show, be sure to check out our guide on some of the best toys for Christmas!

Is there anything else that you can almost guarantee will happen every year while watching the Toy Show?

The Late Late Toy Show is set to return to our screens on Friday 30th of November. So check out our ‘Toy Show Essentials’ post, get the gang together and get ready! We’ve also gathered some amazing easy recipes for sweet treats to have while watching the Toy Show, you can take a look at those goodies right here.

Make sure to join in on the Toy Show chats tonight over on Twitter @LittlewoodsIRL.

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