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The Aftermath of Tragic Hit and Run Which Shocked Fair City Fans

Spoiler Alert!

Fans of Fair City have been shocked by the show’s storylines as of late, and it’s not about to calm down anytime soon.  Last week, we looked on as Kerri-Ann was stabbed by Aoife.  As Carrigstown struggled with the death of Kerri-Ann, fans were then shocked again as Will was left fighting for his life after a hit and run.

As Carrigstown residents prepare for Kerri-Ann’s funeral, Sash gives Mondo a warning to stay away from the funeral, hoping it will keep the peace.  However, as Mondo turns up to the church to say his goodbyes, Decco publicly blames Mondo for the death Kerri-Ann.

The Aftermath of Tragic Hit and Run Which Shocked Fair City Fans
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Elsewhere, as Will recovers in hospital, we learn that Cristiano discovers Will’s secret other life: complete with a wife and other revelations to come.  How can Will explain his story to Cristiano when he wakes from his coma?

Fair City are celebrating their 29th anniversary since they first graced our TV screens, so expect plenty of jaw-dropping scenes to come!

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