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Our Littlewoods Ireland Ambassadors tell us about their go-to Hurling boots that never let them down!

When choosing what Football or Hurling boots to get, it can be a bit of a difficult choice at times. If you are needing a little inspiration, we asked our Littlewoods Ireland ambassadors what their go-to boots for Hurling are and why!

When playing any GAA sport your choice of boot is key. It can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. You require a boot that will let you perform to your highest standard so you can show off your best style of play.

There are a wide variety of football boots on the Littlewoods Ireland website. From Adidas to Nike, there is a diverse range you can choose from!

And if you are feeling a little stuck for choice, we asked our Littlewoods Ireland GAA ambassadors what their go-to boot is and why!

Jackie Tyrrell

Jackie Tyrrell

For former Kilkenny hurler and four-time All-Star winner Jackie Tyrrell, it is Adidas World Cups.

“I wear Adidas World Cups and have for most of my career. I wear them because they’re very comfortable and light. Though they aren’t too light! When you get a belt of a hurl across the foot, you want something that will take the impact, if they’re too light, they feel like slippers if someone stands on your toe, let alone a belt of a hurl.

I also look at how they perform in wet conditions as well.  You have to think will they cause you to slip in those conditions or if it’s hard ground, will this result in blisters?

The important thing I look for is comfort and support for when you’re playing your sport. I also look at how the boot looks, the style, the colour and especially the colour of the boots against the colour of your kit!

GAA players don’t wear coloured boots that much, it’s a statement to wear really fancy boots, particularly in Hurling! Its seen as a bit of a ‘fancy boy’ if you wore red or white boots!”

Austin Gleeson

For current Waterford hurler, Austin Gleeson it is also Adidas.

‘At the moment I’m wearing Adidas boots. I would always look for comfort and a light boot that will last.

Regarding colour I would always look for darker colours, bright colours would be too flashy for me!’


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Ellen McConville

Typically found on the sidelines or in Croke Park, Ellen is the Sports Content Editor for Littlewoods Ireland and your go-to gal for all things GAA. A big lover of all things Christy Moore, fashion and some wine and cheese as well.

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