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Cork hurling goalkeeper Anthony Nash talks style and his worst ever fashion mistake!

Cork hurling goalkeeper tells us about his go to look for the weekend and his worst ever fashion mistake!

If you haven’t seen Anthony Nash on the hurling field, you are missing out. He is one of hurling’s most stylish players, keeping guard on Cork‘s goal line and both blocking and taking penalties for the Rebels.

We spoke with Anthony to find out more about his style off the field as well!

What influences you when it comes to style?

I am a casual person. I like comfy clothing, sports clothing really.

What is your go-to look for the weekend?

A pair of skinny stretch jeans. They have to be the skinny stretch for comfort! A skinny stretch t-shirt, and a zipped hoodie!

Do you think your style has evolved over the past number of years?

Oh yes, definitely over the past few years! Where I come from, it would have baggy jeans and brown shoes! One of my friends mocked like because he says it still happens, you would have the baggy bottom jeans, you would have the brown shoes and you would have the bright coloured t-shirt. I think thankfully, I have evolved!

What was your worst fashion mistake?

The baggy jeans! Even with the sports tracksuit bottoms, it’s all about the skinny bottoms now! I threw out my baggy ones, gave them away to the charity shop! I wouldn’t have any baggy tracksuits anymore. Probably a really bright coloured t-shirt as well!

Who has given you the best style of advice?

Probably my girlfriend. She had skinny jeans about 5 or 6 years ago and I would have said, ‘No way whatsoever I am wearing those.’ And then I tried them, and now I wear them!

You can see Anthony and his Cork teammates this Saturday evening as the Rebels take on Limerick in Round 3 of the Munster Senior Hurling Championship. You can see the entire GAA fixtures and results right here!

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Typically found on the sidelines or in Croke Park, Ellen is the Sports Content Editor for Littlewoods Ireland and your go-to gal for all things GAA. A big lover of all things Christy Moore, fashion and some wine and cheese as well.

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