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Back To School – Get Your Gear Early

The early bird catches the worm, after all!

Why are we talking about back to school gear, when it’s only June?  Because preparation is key, that’s why.  Instead of leaving back to school shopping to the end of August, our tip for you is to get it done now.  Just imagine how nice it will be to sit back and relax when the back to school rush kicks in!

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For the Girls

Would we be tempting fate by saying that girls clothes are relatively easy to get right?  If you want a safe bet, we say stick with the three Ps: pink, patterns, and packs!  Like this four pack of bright pom-pom vests.  Just perfect for this sunshine spell!

For school time, you might have to just go with backpacks and lunch boxes to get the colours and brands she wants.  But that’s ok, as now is a good time to pick up some bargains in the schoolbag range and avoid tears if anything is sold out come August.

If your little one is a unicorn fan, she’ll love this personalised pick!  This will sell out long before the back to school season gets started, so snap it up now.  We’ve got a full range of schoolbags.  From unicorns to something a little more grown up for the not so little ones.  You’re sure to find the perfect one.

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Personalised Unicorn Backpack €19.99 L43PX1C

For the Boys

Shopping for boys’ clothes shouldn’t be that hard, right?  Wrong.  Boys can be fussier than girls when it comes to colours and brands they like (be warned: mixing up the labels Angry Birds and Ladybird does not go down well!).  Thankfully, you don’t have to consider brands when it comes to their school uniform.  A solid pair of boots with some shirts that’ll wash well is all you need to worry about.

Sturdy shoes are an essential part of a child’s back to school kit.  Kickers boots are durable, comfortable and hard-wearing so you know they will last the pace or at least until they outgrow them.  The lace-up detail is also great if your little girl is at that age when tying laces is a huge novelty.  We can’t recommend these Kick Lo Core Shoes from Kickers enough.

A pack of five polo shirts are essential for sending any youngster back to school and great value too.  Available in both white or blue they are made from easy care fabric which means they can withstand regular watching, tumble drying and ironing – perfect for busy mums on the go.

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You can get their school uniform sorted before the summer sets in too. Now, wasn’t that easy!  Be sure to check out these handy lunches for when the kiddies do get back to school.

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