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Seven Easy And Healthy ‘Back To School’ Lunch Ideas

The kiddies (and the rest of the family! will love these seven tasty lunch ideas!

It’s back to school time again, which means a return to the morning rush and a constant scramble for lunchbox ideas.  Children can be very finicky when it comes to their meals so it’s important to find something tasty for their midday break – otherwise, it could be coming home with them that evening.  At the same time, we’re all under pressure for time so we’ve rounded up seven quick and nutritious lunchbox ideas that will keep a smile on their faces!  Simply click on the heading for the full recipe!

Mexican Chicken Wraps

Nobody likes boring sandwiches every day of the week so try a tasty wrap instead!  Guacamole is full of healthy fats and will add some delicious flavour!

If your offspring is a footie fan, they’ll love this cool personalised football lunch bag to carry their tasty lunch in!


Creamy Pesto Pasta Salad

This is such a great go-to if you’re in a rush.  Cook the pasta then simply stir through some pesto and add a few cherry tomatoes.  There you have it!  A simple and super tasty lunch.


Honeyed Carrot Soup

For cold winter days, you can’t go wrong with some warming soup.  It’s nutritious, flavourful and you can keep it warm until lunch in a handy flask like this Master Class Stainless Steel 300ml Vacuum Flask.  Just ask their teacher to do the pouring to avoid any accidents!


Crudités and Dips

This is a great option for picky eaters, who may be discouraged by a larger meal.  Sliced carrots, cheese and sliced apple work well and you can add hummus or peanut butter to dip.  Pop in a juice box and some crackers and you’re ready to go.  Crudites are also great as a snack to keep them going between meals, happy campers all round!

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Lunchbox Pita Pockets 

One of the difficulties with packed lunches is that they can go soggy and inedible by the time that break arrives.  This recipe for pita pockets will allow them to assemble them when they’re ready to eat – so it’s fun and tasty!

Something personalised always goes down well with the little ones, they’ll love this personalised fairy bag to carry their pita pockets!


Fruit Salad

For warmer days, fruit salads are a lighter option and full of healthy vitamins and minerals.  Add a squeeze of lemon and lime over the top to add a little extra kick!  Just make sure to remove any pips or core before you send them off in the morning.


Pizza Roll-Ups

We all deserve a treat now and again and these pizza roll-ups definitely fit the bill.  Added bonus, it’s only 15 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cooking time.  So they won’t leave you in the kitchen for too long.  Plus, the happy hugs will make it totally worth it!


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