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Beauty 101 with Keilidh Cashell

We caught up on all things beauty with Keilidh Cashell!

With caught up with the makeup queen herself, Keilidh Cashell, to chat all things beauty!  Keilidh is an Irish Makeup Artist and YouTuber, with almost 200k Instagram followers, Keilidh is known for her creativity and jaw-dropping makeup looks.  From day to day highlighter to contour, cut-creases full of glitter and amazingly sharp eyeliner, Keilidh’s looks ticks all the boxes.  As her Keilidh’s creative looks, they’re not just left for Halloween!  Check out some of her amazing makeup shots, and learn how Keilidh started out, her favourite products and much more right here.


Beauty 101 with Keilidh Cashell on

Tell us a little about your makeup career – when did it kick off?

I left school and did a one year course in makeup leaving me fully qualified. From there I got a job in Inglot, which gave me the platform to which I have now built my career off. I am currently self-employed, creating new makeup looks and videos for my youtube daily.

What’s your biggest career highlight to date?

My biggest career highlight would be creating my own palette with Inglot. Was super exciting to see my face on a palette.

Beauty 101 with Keilidh Cashell on

Speaking of highlight, what’s your all-time favourite highlight?

My favourite will always be Becca Cosmetics X Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop, always!

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What do you think will be a massive beauty trend for spring/summer ’18?

I think super glow skin will definitely stay, I think people are pairing it back more in terms of makeup now which I’m happy to see.

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What is your ideal spring beauty look?

Dewy glowing skin, lashes and a glossy lip.

Beauty 101 with Keilidh Cashell on

Is there anything you’ll miss about winter beauty looks?

To be honest, I don’t really follow trends anyways, whatever I feel like wearing is what I wear, so if I want to rock a dark autumn lip in summer I will.

Do you have a golden rule to live by when you’re applying your makeup?

I definitely put a huge focus on skin. I think its the most important feature. Spend that little bit more time perfecting your skin, figuring out what products work best for you and what last on you.

Beauty 101 with Keilidh Cashell on

For gals that are all about the glam looks – what’s one tip you can give?

Try mixing it up by popping different colour kohl pencils into your waterline. They can really make your eye colour pop and take your glam look to another level.

What’s your go-to, in a hurry look?

Honestly, I love not wearing makeup as much as I love wearing it. If I’m in a hurry I’ll throw on a tinted moisturiser and I’m happy. I’m all or nothing type or girl!

Finally – what are three beauty products that you just can’t live without?

Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil, lashes and contour.  

Beauty 101 with Keilidh Cashell on


We just love Keilidh’s makeup looks, her creativity is amazing!  Be sure to check out her Instagram for jaw-dropping looks and her YouTube for all the makeup videos you’ll need!


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