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Beauty 101 with Becca Lawless

We caught up with makeup artist Becca Lawless to chat all things beauty!

We caught up with Dublin makeup artist and YouTuber Becca Lawless to chat all things beauty!  From Becca’s career starting point and highlights to her favourite summer looks and products, check it out right here on Littlewoods Ireland Blog.  Keep reading to find out about Becca’s makeup artist career, her favourite products and much more!

Beauty 101 with Becca Lawless on

Tell us a little about your makeup career – when did it kick off?

Since I was 13 and discovered makeup in my nanny’s house all those years ago, I haven’t stopped loving it.  I use to do all my family and friends makeup for special occasions but never thought of it as a career at the time.  I felt it was more of a hobby than a career.  But, that later changed when I was working as a childcare assistant and realised that I could turn my makeup passion into reality.  So I went back to college and studied makeup, received my qualification and worked in retail for a few years.  Brands that I worked with were Urban Decay, Clarins, Bare Minerals, Nars and Benefit so I have quite a lot of experience in the industry.  I am now freelancing in makeup, bridal parties and special occasions.

What’s your biggest career highlight to date?

It has to be my social media.  I try not to just focus on makeup, I like to discuss different aspects of everyday life or if I’m having a hard time with something I’ll discuss it with my followers.  Sometimes it feels like a weight has been lifted off me because although it’s behind a screen, it really helps my mentality and I think people can really relate when you’re 100% yourself.  Without sounding cheesy, when people recognise me when I’m out, come over to me and say I’m doing a great job – that’s enough for me!  You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. 😀

Beauty 101 with Becca Lawless on

Speaking of highlight, what’s your all-time favourite highlight? For all us budget beauty lovers!

My favourite highlight has to be Catrice Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder.  It’s so affordable and great quality.  Perfect for summer, if you want to achieve that glowy goddess look.

You can check out a super similar, and fabulous highlighter right here!

What do you think will be a massive beauty trend for this summer?

I think the simple look is going to make a kick back this spring/summer.  After seeing how beautiful Meghan Markle looked on her wedding day.  It really showed how beautiful and natural she is, just enhancing her own features.

Check out how to achieve a similar look to Meghan’s Royal Wedding beauty right here.

What is your ideal summer beauty look?

For me, my ideal spring beauty look would have to be a nude glossy lip, a bronze eye, no liner, just mascara, BB cream on the skin topped off with a shimmering highlight.

Beauty 101 with Becca Lawless on

How do you like to change your makeup to suit various fashion styles?

I like to make sure that if I’m wearing black, I go for a colorful eye.  If I wear colour, I tone it down on the eyes and keep it quite nude.  Still have to have my winged liner though, regardless!

Do you have a golden rule to live by when you’re applying your makeup?

Yes, I 100% do.  When I teach my make-up classes, I always cleanse, tone and moisturise because looking after our skin is vital.  Especially in the summer, (make sure you have your SPF!) then primer, brows and concealer.  I like to carve out my brows with concealer to give them a nicer finish and use my concealer as my base for eyeshadow.  But also I put concealer underneath my eyes but only set your concealer on your eye with powder, not the concealer under your eye.  Why?  Because when doing your eyeshadow, the fallout can sometimes ruin the foundation so that’s why I like to put concealer under the eye so you can just wipe it away after it’s not set.

Beauty 101 with Becca Lawless on

For gals that are all about the glam looks – what’s one tip you can give?

Not a lot of people actually know where to put highlighter and I think highlighter is key for any look.  You do a ‘C’ motion around your eyebrow and on top of the cheekbone, sd well as down the center of your nose and above your cupid’s bow on the lips.  This gives the illusion of a bigger lip!

What’s your go-to, in a hurry look?

Definitely brows, bronzer blended into the crease of the eye, mascara, BB cream, bronzer and a pop of highlight.

Finally – what are three beauty products that you just can’t live without?

Definitely my brows, false lashes and lipgloss.

Beauty 101 with Becca Lawless on


We’re loving Becca’s makeup looks!  If she could just be there to do our makeup every morning, that’d be great!  Make sure to check out Becca’s Instagram and YouTube for your daily dose of beauty.


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