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Beauty 101 with Maria Murphy

We’re catching up on all things makeup and beauty with makeup artist Maria Murphy!

Instagram is becoming somewhat of a home to many talented makeup artists.  It’s now the place to go to check out the latest makeup looks, to get inspiration for your next makeup appointment, and even to decide which foundation you’re going to treat yourself to next.  It’s where you’ll find some of the best makeup artists in Ireland.  Irish makeup artists are only becoming more talented, creative and are on the up and up.  We’ve caught up with Maria Murphy, who is an absolute star in the world of makeup, to chat all things beauty!

Beauty 101 with makeup artist Maria Murphy on

Maria Murphy, or Maria Makeup, is an Irish makeup artist and YouTuber.  From super glam step by step tutorials to creative, out of this world makeup looks.  We just can’t get enough!

Tell us a little about your makeup career, how did it all kick off?

I was doing my degree in Media Production Management when I decided that I wanted to do makeup, so I did a makeup course on the side! I have always loved art and regretted not getting into something artsy sooner!  After my course, I applied for Inglot Cosmetics and got the job.  It was the happiest day of my life receiving that phone call! I worked so hard to get onto the Inglot Pro Team.  The first time, I got a no back I was devastated but tried the following year and got on to it the team!  I do believe everything happens for a reason and I was meant to get on that year, as it has made me who I am today!  It helped me grow in confidence and moulded my career!

What’s your biggest career highlight to date?

I did Charlotte from Geordie shores makeup for Flique Cosmetics recently!  She was so down to earth and was a beauty to work on!  It just feels surreal doing something like that after watching her on TV for years! 

Beauty 101 with makeup artist Maria Murphy on

What do you think will be a massive beauty trend for spring/summer ’18?

I would say metallics are gonna come back with a bang this spring summer!  Opt for a soft liquid metallic eyeshadow swept across the lid with some soft lashes to pop it!

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What is your ideal spring beauty look?

Awh, I am all about the skin!  It has always been my ‘thing’, my passion!  I always say if the skin doesn’t look good, it doesn’t matter how well the eyes are done the look won’t come together nicely!  Keep the skin soft and fresh for spring summer.  I do think that heavy cakey coverage is becoming a thing of the past and I’m so happy!  Add some highlight, soft bronzer to the cheekbones and glossy nude lip!

Beauty 101 with makeup artist Maria Murphy on

Is there anything you’ll miss about winter beauty looks?

I feel like winter is a bad time for makeup unless you are a makeup artist, to be honest!  The last thing people want to do is put makeup on as we all start to suffer from dry pale grey skin!  But, I do love the real grunge edgy looks from winter, all the dark lips and super smokey eyes!  

Do you have a golden rule to live by when you’re applying your makeup?

Yes, always look after your skin!  If you don’t cleanse, tone, moisturise and use masks, your skin will look tired and grey!  People always complain about their makeup not staying on or going patchy, but you have to look at your skin care first!  Make sure you are prepping the skin before you even apply your makeup!  Use a primer to suit your own skin type too which will help!

Beauty 101 with makeup artist Maria Murphy on

For gals that are all about the glam looks – what’s one tip you can give?

Don’t be afraid to change it up and experiment! Or one thing that bugs me is when people say “oh you can’t wear a lip with an eye look you can only wear nude”.  Get out of the box and have fun!  At the end of the day, it’s only makeup.  It wipes off !!

What’s your go-to, in a hurry look?

Glowy fresh skin, brows, mascara and of course a glossy nude lip!

Beauty 101 with makeup artist Maria Murphy on

We’re just obsessed with each look Maria creates!  Be sure to check out her Instagram for a daily dose of awe, and her YouTube for some amazing step-by-step tutorials and reviews.



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