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Five Beauty Hacks That You Need to Know About

Check out these top tips to merge into your beauty regime today.

Anything that will make our lives a little easier, we are all for it!  Particularly when it comes to the world of beauty and makeup.  Because let’s face it, it can get a little confusing at times!  We’ve talked about simple beauty hacks before, and now we’re back with five more!

These five beauty hacks will come in so handy, you won’t know how you survived without them!

The Beauty Hacks You NEED to Know About

Hack #1 Tired eyes after a hectic weekend?  Try out a nude eyeliner for your water line.  It’ll brighten up your eyes instantly!  A nude shade on your water line will look less harsh than a white pencil but will make all of the difference to your eye look.  We love the NYX Wonder Pencil, it’ll be your best friend on those early mornings!

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Hack #2 If there’s one essential beauty product we always have in our handbags, it’s a pressed powder.  But there’s always that added risk of your favourite powder smashing in your handbag.  Nobody wants that!  To keep your powder super safe, place a cotton pad on top of the pressed powder itself.  This will protect your powder from any breakages!  Check out the rest of our handbag beauty staples, they’re the items we can’t leave home without!

Hack #3 Is there anything more annoying than when you go to paint your nails, only to find your favourite nail polish shade has gone all gloopy?  This handy hack will save the day!  Drop a tiny amount of nail polish remover into the actual nail polish.  Close the lid tightly and give it a shake.  Voilá!  Your nail polish will be as good as new and will apply like a dream.  It’s also a good idea to keep your nail polish collection in the fridge, as it will last a whole lot longer.

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Hack #4 Lusting after strong, healthy nails?  It’s time to search the kitchen press!  At this stage, we all know coconut oil can be great when worked into your beauty regime.  But did you know it’s perfect to use as cuticle oil?  Massaging coconut oil into your cuticles daily can completely transform your nails!  You can thank us later!  Check out more tips for super healthy nails in our shellac manicure care post.

Hack #5 Are you a fan of curling your eyelashes?  You’ll love this tip!  By heating up your eyelash curler slightly, the curl will last so much longer.  Blast your hairdryer over your curler for five seconds before using it.  Just make sure it’s not super hot first!

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We’re sure these beauty hacks will be super helpful!  For more handy hacks, check out the first of our beauty hacks series!


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