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Easy Breakfast Recipe: Brekkie Toastie Roll Ups

The perfect lazy day breakfast!

Happy St. Stephen’s Day!  Today is the ultimate day for relaxing just after the craziness of Christmas.  We’re talking films in front of the fire, PJs all day, leftover turkey sandwiches and sweet treats.  Before digging into leftovers and goodies, we have the perfect lazy day breakfast right here.  A simple, tasty breakfast that will go down a treat with the whole family!  Check out our Breakfast Toastie Roll-Ups.

Brekkie Toastie Roll-Ups

Serves: 2 – 3

Quick Breakfast Recipes


  • Six slices fresh sliced sandwich bread
  • Three slices of melting cheese, each cut into half cheddar or mozzarella
  • Two eggs
  • Two tbsp milk
  • Three sausages cooked (cut in half)
  • six bacon cooked
  • Ketchup
  • One tbsp butter (for frying)


  1.  Cut the crusts off the bread
  2.  Use a rolling pin to flatten the bread slightly
  3.  Using a knife, spread the ketchup thinly on the bread
  4.  On one side place down the cheese and add the bacon and sausage on top, cut to fit neatly if necessary
  5.  Roll the bread up and press to seal at the seam
  6.  Place the egg, milk and pepper in a dish and whisk together
  7.  Heat butter in a large frying pan over medium-high heat
  8.  Dip the rolls in the egg mixture turning to coat evenly
  9.  Add the rolls to the frying pan
  10.  Cook for under a minute on each side turning 90 degrees when brown until they are evenly browned all over
  11.  Remove from pan and serve immediately with some extra ketchup on the side


Now that breakfast is sorted, for the day that’s in it- let’s indulge in a breakfast dessert.  It’s still Christmas after all!  For any chocolate lovers, you’ll absolutely love our chocolate brownies.  We also have three amazing recipes for Hot Chocolate: Salted Caramel, Chocolate Orange and Oreo.  Take your pick and enjoy!


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