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Can You Ace Our Soaps Quiz?

How many marks out of 12 can you get?

Hands up who’s a soaps fan?  Here at Littlewoods Ireland HQ, we certainly are.  From Eastenders and Coronation Street to Emmerdale and Fair City – can you ace our soaps quiz?

Which Eastenders star is rumoured to be getting their own reality show?

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In Coronation Street, who did Tracy accuse Steve of cheating on her with?
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Where did Cain and Charity of Emmerdale plan to move before Cain walked away?

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In Fair City, who ditched their fiance at the alter to be with Paul Brennan?
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In 2012, which of these Eastenders characters had an ongoing affair with Kat Slater?

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Who was the first wife of long-time Coronation Street resident, Ken Barlow?

Irish Independent
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Who was the first person to be arrested for Emma's murder in Emmerdale?

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Recently in Fair City, who murdered Kerri-Ann?
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How did Bradley Branning die in a live episode of Eastenders?

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In Coronation Street, who tried to ruin Steve and Karen's wedding?

Daily Mirror
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In what year did a plane crash over Emmerdale?

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In Fair City, how long was Katy kidnapped for?
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Soaps Quiz

When it comes to the soaps, you're pretty much an expert!
Tough Luck!

Better luck next time! Maybe it's time to catch up on the soaps!

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