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Picking the Right Holy Communion Outfits

Let your little ones shine on their special day with our tips and tricks for finding the perfect communion outfit.

How to Dress Your Kids for Their Holy Communion

Holy communions are significant, beautiful traditions for many families. It’s also a time when you want you and your kids to look their very best. 

Let Littlewoods Ireland help you pick the perfect outfit for your little one on this momentous day. 

What do boys wear for their first communion? 

boy communion wear

For a boys’ communion, it’s a chance to wear smart clothes that he ordinarily doesn’t wear. Often, this is the first time in a boy’s life he’ll wear a suit. Traditionally, this means a suit, tie or bowtie, matching shirt and shoes. He might also be wearing a waistcoat or a matching overcoat. 

Boys’ communion suits 

A full range of boys’ formal clothes is available in our extensive boys’ occasion wear section. And, of course, most of these outfits are versatile, meaning that your boy can wear these clothes to other formal events, like weddings. 

Communion shoes for boys 

If you’re buying a suit (whatever the occasion), it’s a good idea to get a pair of shoes to match. 


  • Brown shoes match a beige, grey or blue suit; 
  • Black shoes go with grey or black suits

Most families opt for a new pair of shoes for the special day, as school shoes can be more casual and suffer from the wear and tear of schoolboys’ daily life! 

What do girls wear for their first communion? 

girl communion dress

Typically, a girl would wear a white communion dress, a headpiece, white veil and white shoes. Most girls like to have accessorise with a bag too. 

Communion Dresses 

We have a range of communion dresses in every size for a girl at communion age. 

Communions are also an opportunity for the rest of the family to dress well, and we have a wide selection of beautiful kids’ occasion dresses

Communion shoes for girls 

These are usually white, to match the dress. But off-white (like ivory is acceptable too). 

Communion shoes tend to follow the formal, ballet pump style, but different formal shoes are acceptable depending on the rest of the outfit. As you might expect, we have several gorgeous varieties of little girls’ shoes

Communion thank you cards 

Just as you would for a wedding, or other formal events, many families like to show their gratitude with a card or a letter. We have elegant stationary for any occasion

Communion gifts 

Cash is often the gift of choice, but if you know the child well, it might be nice to give something with a more personal touch. Our toy store is immense, with everything from Lego to LOL! Surprise and far beyond. 

Of course, they might want to go digital with a game or gadget; or they might appreciate something from our huge kids’ clothes department.  

Communion accessories 

It’s a good idea to prepare as far in advance as possible when it comes to accessories. It’s a weight off your mind and you don’t have to worry about items selling out. Specifically, try to organise: 

  • Communion medals 
  • Communion rosette 
  • Communion cake

Your child’s school or your local parish will be able to help you source these. 

It’s official, you’re all prepared to pick the perfect outfit for Communion with the Littlewoods Ireland Blog. We make deliveries and returns free and easy so you can shop with confidence. 


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