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What Should You Wear To A Confirmation?

Before you start rummaging through your wardrobe or committing to a shopping spree, read through this handy guide on what to wear to a confirmation!

Confirmation season is upon us, which means gifts to buy, restaurant bookings to sort out – and outfits to purchase. 

If you’re struggling to find something to wear that’s appropriate for the ceremony and the celebrations afterwards, our handy guide to confirmation dressing has you covered…

Confirmation outfit ideas for women

These days, women have a lot of freedom and almost innumerable options available to them for big occasions like these. Here are some Ideas:

Outfit #1: Dress

confirmation guest dresses

As confirmations take place during the day, look for light tones and breezier fabrics as much as possible. While it’s a good idea to stick to your own personal style, heavier fabrics, like velvet or brocade, might look a bit out of place given the time of year. 

Solid-coloured or pastel occasion dresses are a safe choice, as super-trendy prints and patterns can sometimes date over time, making them less than ideal for repeat wears. If you love a good print, dainty floral or colour-blocked dresses can still be great wardrobe staples.

While capped, three-quarter length or long-sleeved dresses are great for staying warm during the ceremony (churches can get chilly!), sleeveless or one-shouldered dresses are also perfectly acceptable. Just remember to bring a light coat, shawl or blazer to keep your shoulders warm. 

Lace, chiffon and embellished fabrics are also classic choices and perfect for church occasions like confirmations – especially with the addition of special details, such as feature sleeves, flounces or ruffles. 

While a-line or pencil dresses always make for a stylish silhouette, you can also try opting for a stylish wrap, midi or maxi dress if you’re looking to shake things up a bit. 

We know that finding the perfect dress for a confirmation can be hard work, but if you just forget about finding “the one” and broaden your search, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be. Here are our top picks for “non-dress” outfit alternatives:

Outfit #2: Jumpsuit

what to wear to a communion guest

If the appeal of a dress to you is its ease, a one-piece or jumpsuit will be your confirmation guest outfit of dreams. There are jumpsuits out for every type of figure, including culotte and wide-legged styles. 

Just make sure it cinches in at the waist and the fabric veers towards the formal, structured end of things. Steer well clear of jersey jumpsuits – they’re a little too casual for this kind of event!

Outfit #3: Co-ord

confirmation outfit ideas

For more fashion-forward dressers, we’re big advocates of co-ord outfits. 

Matchy-matchy or totally contrasting two pieces make for great confirmation guest outfits and there’s plenty of options online at the moment. You can opt for a cami, short-sleeve top or blouse and pair it with either a pencil skirt or cropped tailored trousers

Just remember, whatever separates you choose, it’s a good idea to keep the top half plain, simple and loose for a cooler vibe. A patterned pleated midi skirt and slinky cami top is one way to put a stylish foot forward on the day of the confirmation. 

Of course, if you love the idea of a co-ord, but want something that feels a little smarter, why not opt for a…

Outfit #4: Suit

confirmation guest attire

Don’t feel that you have to embrace the ultra-feminine: A trouser suit is an easy, effortlessly chic win, especially when it comes to a confirmation. It’s also something that can easily be recycled in your wardrobe for other dressier occasions as well. 

Look for brighter or pastel colours to avoid looking too businessy, and keep it modern by opting for a cropped suit jacket and straight-leg trousers.

Note: While confirmations are becoming less and less about the religious aspect, that doesn’t mean you can show up wearing whatever you want. Overly low-cut, revealing, sheer or short-hemmed dresses are to be avoided. 

If you have any doubts about your outfit pick, consult a trusted friend for advice. Or, you can ask other guests what they’re planning to wear and take your cue accordingly.


what to wear to a confirmation as a sponsor

Choosing the right type of outfit is only the first step in dressing for a confirmation. Next up is accessorising – fortunately, we’ve got you covered here too!


If you’re the sponsor or mother, first of all, congratulations! You’ll definitely want to look your best for all the beautiful pictures that will be taken on the day. It’s also important to ensure your outfit is easy to move around in and dressy enough for your important role. 

A comfy pair of block heels, slingbacks or sandals are a good choice – you probably don’t want to turn up tottering around in spiked stilettos for the day. It’s also a good idea to pack a pair of flats for when the inevitable ankle ache sets in.

Jewellery and bags

Adding bright accessories can really make an otherwise simple outfit pop. Statement pieces are a great way of updating a look and incorporating the latest trends, so go for one standout item, whether a pair of earrings or a necklace. 

A chic clutch or smaller pouch bag will keep your look elegant and refined no matter whether you opt for a dress, jumpsuit or co-ord.

Pro tip: A great way to avoid breaking the bank around confirmation season is to choose a couple of versatile dresses and update them for other upcoming occasions, such as weddings and christenings, by switching the look up with a different bag, shoes and jewellery combo.

Confirmation outfit ideas for men

what to wear to a confirmation as a guest male

The men often find themselves getting overlooked when it comes to special occasions’s fashion stakes, and confirmation season tends to be no different. Fear not, fashion-conscious men of the world: we have some great style tips for you too!

Outfit #1: Suit

Lucky for you, men, dressing for confirmation isn’t particularly difficult. 

You will always look appropriate in a suit-and-tie combo, no matter what. How easy is that? Just remember, the darker the suit, the more formal it’ll look.

Confirmations usually happen in the warmer months, so don’t be afraid to play around with colours and textures. Lighter-coloured suits and less weighty fabrics, like linen and cotton blends, are ideal for the kind of weather you can expect at this time of year. Finish the look off with a tastefully patterned tie and you’re good to go.

Option 2: Blazer and trousers/chinos

what to wear to a confirmation ceremony as a guest

You don’t necessarily have to wear a full-on suit to a confirmation. 

Trousers or chinos and a neatly-tailored blazer, with a button-down, long-sleeved shirt or thin-knit jumper underneath, are a great casual option. Earthy or blue tones work well for spring and summer, and you won’t go too far wrong pairing a navy blazer with beige chinos or a patterned blazer with a pair of neutral-coloured trousers. 


what to wear to a confirmation party

On your feet, opt for a nice pair of black, brown or tan lace-up leather shoes or loafers to pull the whole look together. And don’t forget to give them a quick polish before you head out the door – worn-out looking shoes will detract from the rest of your spiffy look!  

Finish the look off with a classic watch – something that’s either stainless steel or with leather straps and a light color dial will suit any ensemble.

And one final thing: Runners are not okay to wear to a confirmation (even if they’re your fanciest pair!) 

Looking for confirmation guest outfits? Littlewoods’ range of brands are here to help you look your best on the day. With dresses from the likes of Ted Baker, River Island and Monsoon, and men’s suits from Skopes and V By Very, confirmation outfit shopping has never been easier.

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