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Corrie Spoiler: Is Our Favourite Bad Guy Here To Stay?

He’s baaaaack!

Corrie fans rejoiced at the return of one of our favourite ever bad guys to hit the Cobbles: Jim McDonald.  While we just love to hate him, (and hate that we love him at times!), baddie Jim McDonald is back, but will he be sticking around?

Jim’s agenda is never a clear one, but this time, we already know what the shady character’s motive for his return is: his claim that the daughter he had with long-term sweetheart, Liz McDonald, whom they thought had died, is actually still alive.

In 1992, Liz gave birth to a daughter, Katie, who was thought to have not survived long after birth.  “Katie” was supposedly swapped at birth however, and adopted by an Australian couple and when she turned 18, went on the search for her biological parents.

Jim met Katie, played by Hannah Ellis Ryan, when Katie looked him up on an old army database, and reached out to him.  While it seems Katie is the driver of this vengeful plan, it comes as a shock to find out that Jim is indeed in on the plan.  However the whole thing goes pear-shaped pretty quickly, when Jim realises that he’s still very much still in love with Liz, and can’t bare to hurt her.

Although it doesn’t look like the actor will be sticking around for long, due to his prior commitments to the theatre production of Rebus.  However, speaking to the Metro UK, Charles Lawson (Jim McDonald) has said that he wouldn’t rule out a longer return to the cobbles in the future!

Watch this space!


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