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Corrie To Tackle A Pretty Tough Story Line

Coronation Street’s Anthony Cotton to face one of the most challenging story lines of his acting career as Corrie tackle a super tough issue

Corrie are about to tackle some pretty prevalent stuff in the upcoming months.  This week we saw Sean (Anthony Cotton) have a row with Fiz, who lashed out when she claimed that he wasn’t paying in his way while living with her, ultimately evicting Sean.

However things go from bad to worse him, after another spat with Liz, when she accusing him of stealing her shifts in the Rovers, and Liz tells Sean he’s not welcome to sleep on her couch either.

This in turn leads to Sean stealing a tent from a rubbish bins at The Kabin, and sleeping rough for what he thinks will just be the one night.  Waking up the next morning, Sean is terrified and ashamed, and too proud to reach out to his friends for help.

Speaking about the story line, actor Anthony Cotton says that ordinarily Fiz throwing him out wouldn’t be a problem, but when he in turn looses all of his employment, things start to spiral out of control; “Had he been at Eileen’s, this wouldn’t have been a problem because he just would’ve carried on until he got his next job, but Eileen’s gone to Bristol,” says Anthony.

“He thinks – as I did when doing the research [for the role] – that everything would be okay because he has lots of people around him, but everyone has their own issues, be it they don’t have a spare room, or they’re going through a divorce or whatever,” Anthony continues.

“This story is for a good few months,” Anthony explains.  The eye-opener for Sean comes when he meets a woman at a homeless village, who tells Sean that she’s been homeless on and off for the past four years on and off.

This story line reflects one of the biggest problems faced both here in Ireland, and across the pond.

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