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Day on my plate: Austin Gleeson’s match day diet

The Waterford hurler lets us in on his match-day diet!

Austin Gleeson tells us about his match day diet.
Austin Gleeson tells us about his match day diet.


 As a star player of the Waterford Senior Hurling team, Austin Gleeson is required to keep his diet clean and nutritious. When in season, Austin needs plenty of energy to train and play with his club Mount Sion, and with his Waterford teammates.
The Littlewoods Ireland style ambassador let us know exactly what he eats on match day to ensure that he is ready to battle whatever comes his way on the pitch. It all sounds surprisingly delicious, and pizza is even included!


Usually, I would have a 5 egg omelet with rashers and cheese. I’d also have a cup of coffee.

Before a match

We stop in a hotel on the way to meet some lads from other parts of the country, and we get an energy bar from our nutritionist. I’d have another cup of coffee before we head on our way to another hotel close to the pitch.

In the hotel, we have a pre-game meal, usually something like chicken, rice and vegetables with some sauce.

Austin's match day diet is something that we could get on board with! PIC: Sportsfile.
Austin’s matchday diet is something that we could get on board with! PIC: Sportsfile.

Directly after a match

We never really have food, just the usual protein shake and then straight into recovery then.

Post-match meal

As always, our nutritionist has a set meal in place for us in a hotel and it’s a full dinner. It’s usually beef, some carbohydrates and vegetables.

Before bed

As it’s a match day we are allowed to have a treat. Usually these nights I go for pizza (apparently the best fast food for you). I’d normally go with pepperoni, ham, sweetcorn and pineapple.

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