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Eastenders Spoiler Alert! Who is Leaving Albert Square?

Get the lowdown on who is leaving Albert Square, and who is making a return!

Eastenders sure knows how to keep its audience on their toes.  But let’s face it, we all love a good spoiler!  We’re still in the midst of the drama between Phil, Mel and the rest of the Mitchell and Owen clan, but there’s a lot more to come too.  Check out the details on what two characters are leaving the square, as well as who is making a comeback below.

Who is Saying Goodbye?

On Friday, we looked on as Vincent Hubbard was conned into thinking he was being put under the witness protection programme.  Vincent was promised that he, his wife Kim and daughter Pearl were going to be safe from villain Aiden.  However, there was an unexpected turn at the very end of the episode.  As the policeman who seemed to be helping Vincent turned out to be working for Aiden himself.  We watched as Vincent was pushed into the back of a car which then sped out of Albert Square.  This begs the question: is this really the end for Vincent?  Or, is it true that there’s a murder coming to our screens in the near future?

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Another shock departure that will be coming later this year, is Vincent’s adoptive sister, Donna.  While there are no other solid facts leaked, it leaves us wondering is it also linked to Vincent’s exit?

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Who’s Making a Comeback?

Ultimate spoiler!  The infamous Max Branning is set to make a comeback tonight, Monday 23rd April.  Having left Albert Square to grieve over the loss of his daughter Abi, Max is finally making a return.  Residents of the square aren’t happy to see Max, as he didn’t leave on the best of terms.  While Max announces that he has taken over the carlot, Sharon warns him that Phil will be undoubtedly unhappy with this venture.  Max has another couple of bombshells for his old friends on the square, only time will tell!

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Turn into Eastenders tonight at 8pm to catch what happens next!  Also, keep an eye on Littlewoods Ireland Blog to keep up to date with spoilers, as well as all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle!


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