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Eastenders Spoiler! Will This be the End of Phil and Sharon’s Marriage?

Is this what will finally end Phil and Sharon’s marriage?

Friday’s episode of Eastenders finished in true Phil Mitchell style.  The episode left us wondering what was coming next when Phil left his house in a fury.  If you missed Friday night’s episode, viewers were left shocked as Phil watched that video of his daughter Louise being tempted by Hunter Owens.  Hunter, a new resident of the Square, recently discovered that Phil Mitchell was involved in his father’s death, which prompted him to seek revenge on Phil.

If you’re a long time viewer of the East End fanatics, you’ll know all about the history between Phil and Hunter’s mother, Mel.  Long story short, Phil and Mel were a couple back in the early days of Eastenders.  In true Eastenders fashion, things didn’t work out as intended.  Which ended with an intense car chase with Phil and Mel’s husband Steve.  Last week, we watched as Phil spoke to Hunter about the death of Steve.  We learned that Steve crashed his car with a young Louise inside, who Phil saved from the car but left Steve just before the car explodes.

Eastenders Spoiler! Will this be the end of Phil and Sharon's marriage?
Louise and Hunter – Image from

It’s about to get a lot more confusing.  While Hunter and Louise are alone at Sharon and Mel’s nightclub, Hunter purposely tempted Phil’s daughter Louise in front of the E20 nightclub CCTV camera.  To make matters worse, Hunter is well aware that this is streamed to Phil’s phone.  An angered Phil then left his house with nothing other than a baseball bat.


Spoiler alert!

As Phil arrives at the opening of E20 nightclub, with the intention to warn Hunter off Louise, his old flame Mel has other ideas.  In order to distract Phil, and to protect Hunter, Mel turns on the charm while she and Phil are alone.  They both lean in for a kiss, will this be the act that finally ends Phil and Sharon’s marriage?

Eastenders Spoiler! Will this be the end of Phil and Sharon's marriage?
Phil and Mel share a kiss at the E20 nightclub opening – Image from

Turn into Eastenders tonight at 8pm to catch what happens next!  It’s also rumoured that Alfie will be making a comeback to the Square pretty soon!

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