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Eastenders Spoilers! Secret Blackmailer Revealed!

As Sharon and Keanu’s blackmailer is revealed, will this be the end of the relationship?

For the past few weeks, Eastenders fans have looked on as Hayley struggled with becoming a mother, Mick being sent to prison, and of course, an unexpected affair between Sharon Mitchell and Keanu Taylor.  But will it end before Phil finds out?  Or will there be an explosive end?

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Early this week, we see Keanu begin to panic over who the blackmailer may be.  This is quickly noticed by Karen, who is determined to get to the bottom of what is bothering her son.  Keanu eventually tells Karen about the affair with Sharon, as well as the fact that someone knows what has been happening and is threatening to tell Phil.  Karen soon confronts Sharon, and begs her to end her affair with Keanu – before Phil finds out and Keanu gets hurt.  This leaves Sharon with an ultimatum, will she end things with Keanu before it’s the latest news around the square?

Meanwhile, Keanu attempts to find out exactly who the blackmailer is.  After a strange conversation with Jay, Keanu thinks he has gotten to the bottom of the problem.

Elsewhere on the Square, Hayley receives a visit from social services, which forces her to make an important decision regarding both her and her baby’s future.  When she begins to have contractions, there’s even more drama added as Jean has made a shocking decision.


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