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Eastenders Spoilers: What’s to Come in 2019?

What’s on the horizon for the Albert Square residents?

Over the Christmas break, we were set for an explosion of events in Albert Square.  From Alfie’s resurrection to Ray’s bigamy charges at his wedding to Mel.  What more could we ask for?  But it seems there’s still plenty of drama set ahead for Eastenders fans in 2019.


This spring, there’s set to be a big storyline for none other than Jean Slater.  Jean has been on our screens for quite a while now, so any Eastenders fan is well aware of Jean’s mental issues.  This is due to be quite an emotional storyline in 2019, as we see Jean struggle with both her mental and physical health.

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Elsewhere, the consent plot surrounding Ruby Allen is set to come to a close over the next couple of months.  Will this result in Ruby leaving Walford for good?  Or settling down in her hometown?

As for the most talked about romance in Eastenders right now, Sharon and Keanu are to be a big part of the soap in early 2019.  Things seem to be falling into place for Phil Mitchell, including him becoming friendly with none other than Keanu himself.  Of course, in true soap style, these things can fall out of place just as quickly!  Once Sharon returns, she and Keanu continue their affair, which has repercussions once Phil finds out.

Plus, there are many familiar faces set to return to Albert Square this year.  Including Lola Pearce, will she be returning along with Phil Mitchells’ granddaughter?

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