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Easy Updates For Your College Bedroom

Make your mark on your new home this college semester with these gorgeous bedroom updates!

It’s that time of year again!  Whether you’ve just gotten your Leaving Cert results, or you’re heading back for another year of college – it’s time to start thinking about your new home for the next eight, or so, months!  How exciting.  It’s a time where you can really put your own stamp on things, and start developing your own interior style.

First things first when we think of college accommodation – be it dorms, digs, or a flat you’re renting – is space.  Or rather, lack there of.  So the top of our shopping list is storage.

Glitter Paperloom 4-Drawer Unit, €37.99
Glitter Paperloom 4-Drawer Unit, €37.99

How cute (and handy) is this drawer storage unit?  Ideal for holding bathroom toiletries, towels, books, clothes – you name it.  This all-in-one neat and tidy storage unit is so compact that it’ll sit easily into any corner of your room or bathroom.

JML Vac Pack, €17.99
JML Vac Pack, €17.99

Okay, so this isn’t the coolest or prettiest piece of interiors we’ve ever seen, but essential none the less.  Trust us, when you’re stuffing your fluffy pj bottoms and winter woollies into a wardrobe that just won’t quit, you’ll be delighted that you invested in these JML Vac Packs.

Catherine Lansfield Flamingos Cotton Rich Duvet Cover Set, €22.00 to €35.00
Catherine Lansfield Flamingos Cotton Rich Duvet Cover Set, €19.00 to €30.00

How adorable is this duvet set from Catherine Lansfield?  There are so many different colours and patterns to choose from when it comes to bedding, and we’ve got a whole host of them, so if these don’t tickle your fancy, you’re sure to find something you’ll adore.

KAIKOO Chevron Cushion, €17.99
KAIKOO Chevron Cushion, €17.99

Nothing makes a house a home like adding lots of soft furnishings.  And what better way than layering up your bed or couch with plenty of cushions and blankets? We’ve got soft furnishings to beat the band so layer up!

Downland Luxury 600gsm 4-Piece Towel Bale, €34.99
Downland Luxury 600gsm 4-Piece Towel Bale, €23.99

You may not have Mammy or Daddy doing your washing while you’re away in your new college accommodation, so treat yourself to some plush, fluffy towels.  These gorgeous luxury towels are super soft, wash after wash and will have you feeling relaxed and at home.

Sabichi Light, Dark & Colour Laundry Bag, €49.99
Sabichi Light, Dark & Colour Laundry Bag, €39.99

Speaking of washing, check out this super handy laundry basket to help keep all of your whites-white (or, not pink at least).

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