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Eight Tips To Help You Bounce Out Of The Bed In The Morning

For night owls, the idea of being a morning person is completely alien! So here are a couple of things you can do to make getting out of bed that bit easier!

Whether your alarm clock or one of the younger members of the family wake you up, there’s no denying that getting out of bed in the morning is a constant struggle.

No matter how early we go to bed, we still seem to be hitting the snooze button and praying for another 15 minutes by the time morning rolls around.

That said, there are some people who can’t wait to get up and atom in the morning and we’ve always been curious about what their secret is.

After some research, here are few tips to try!

Treat yourself

It’s so much easier to get up if you have something to look forward to, whether it’s a special breakfast or having 15 minutes to have a quiet coffee before the kids wake. Find something worth getting out of bed for and use this to motivate yourself.


Book an early morning class

What’s worse than getting out of bed? Getting out of bed when you know you have to the gym. However, if you’ve already booked into a class that starts at a specific time, you’re much less likely to change your mind.


Make sure you’re getting quality sleep

If you’re genuinely exhausted every morning, you might not be sleeping as well as you think. An environment that is too bright or too noisy can impact on the quality of your sleep so try blackout curtains or earplugs. Make sure the temperature isn’t too hot or cold either. You can examine your sleep patterns by downloading apps like Sleepbot or Motion X 24/7.


Liven up your commute

If you have a long drive to work, try downloading a great podcast to keep your entertained on the drive. Some, like Serial, are totally addictive and you’ll be dying to hear the next part!


Leave your phone at the other side of the room

Having a phone beside your bed makes it far too easy to turn it off. By leaving it somewhere else, you’ll have no choice but to get up. It’s even easier if you set a really annoying alarm tone.


Prep the night before

We often spend at least 30 minutes lying in bed going through all of things we need to do before we actually do them. Nip this in the bud by getting as much ready the night before, from choosing your outfit to preparing your lunch and packing your bag for the day. Mornings will suddenly seem much less daunting.


Stop watching TV in your bedroom

While watching Netflix in bed is one of our favourite things in the world after a long day, the temptation to watch episode after episode is very high. Keeping to a nightly routine improves your changes of falling asleep quickly so keep your bed solely for snooze time!


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