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Emmerdale Spoilers: The Truth Is Out There!

Cain spills the beans on Joe … to Debbie!

It’s all going down on Emmerdale next week, when Debbie finally gets the closure she needs to cope with Joe’s death. 

When a tearful Debbie confides in Cain that she’ll never move on from Joe, Cain is forced to tell Debbie that he killed Joe.

Debbie, reeling from this revelation storms out, and Cain realises things will never be the same between him and Debbie ever again.

Later, on Tuesday, Debbie confronts Graham on Joe’s death.  Understandably, Graham is floored by this “revelation”, but how will Debbie react when she finds out that Graham was involved?!

On Thursday night’s episode, Debbie realises Moira knew about Joe too.

Unable to take it any more, enraged Cain snaps. Losing it, he pushes Moira against a wall. Can the two main women in his life ever forgive him now?

Elsewhere in the ‘Dales, in an attempt to impress Maya, Jacob sends her a topless selfie but she’s just amused at his innocence. Jacob is fed up to see he’s had no reply and the next day, Maya is horrified to realise Jacob has sent her another photo and she has left her phone in the shop. At the shop Priya is left suspicious when a frantic Maya snatches her phone away from Amba in front of David.

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