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Eyebrows 101: The Ombré Look

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Let’s face it, we put our eyebrows through a lot. Tweezing, waxing, threading – you name it, we’ve probably done it.  Particularly in the early noughties, we weren’t too kind to our brows.  But now, we all know how important eyebrows are as they completely frame your face.  With the right technique, they can instantly change up your whole look.  And we all love a good brow day!  We’re going to take a look at how you can train, transform and perfect your brows, you can thank us later!  First up?  We’re checking out ombré brows in two simple steps.


The Ombré Look

A fabulous ombré look isn’t just for your long locks, your brows can benefit from ombré too.  Before you get frightened off the idea of two-toned brows, keep in mind that it’s a super subtle effect.  Ombré brows are all about full, gradient, natural-looking brows that you can be super proud of.

Once you get into the swing of this technique, your brows will be done in seconds and you won’t look back.  We love the Benefit FoolProof Brow for this look as you have your two shades ready to go instantly.  Plus, if you’re unsure of where you should be applying the light and dark shades, this brow palette has basically mapped it all out for you!  It’s also super handy to have the mini brush and spoolie.  Fabulous brows on the go?  Yes, please!

Eyebrows 101: What You Need to Know on
Benefit Fool Proof Brow €26.50 M97LC Image from @benefitcosmetics

Step One:

Brush through your brow hairs to achieve their natural shape.  Starting off about one-third of your brow in, sweep the darker shade through your brow.  Follow your natural hairlines until you’ve built up a shape that you’re happy with.

Step Two:

Then, take the lighter shade and brush upwards through the front of your brow.  Don’t forget, blending is your friend!  Grab a spoolie (this genius brush is ideal) and brush through your brow hairs to ensure that they’re perfectly blended.  Voilá!  Ombré brows to be proud of.

Eyebrows 101: The Ombré Look on
Image from @benefitcosmetics


Who’ll be trying out the ombré look for themselves?  If ombré brows aren’t the look you want to go for, keep an eye on Littlewoods Ireland Blog as we’ll be talking through plenty of brow styles!  But for now, one of our all-time favourite brow products is back on the site with a bang!  Read all about it right here.

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