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Spoiler Alert! Fan Favourite Set to Return to Eastenders

Can you guess who’s making another comeback this autumn?

If you’re an avid Eastenders fan, you’ll know all about the shocking events that are happening in Albert Square right now.  From the shooting at the Queen Vic to Sharon and Keanu’s affair, there’s a lot going on in Eastenders right now.  But then again, there’s always another shocking surprise around the corner!  And we’re here to bring it to you, so stick the kettle on and get ready for the next bombshell to hit Eastenders.

We recently sat back and watched as Hayley’s pregnancy secret was revealed to the rest of the Slater clan.  Although, they’re still in the dark when it comes to the baby’s father.  Viewers of the show have known for quite some time that Alfie Moon, Kat Slater’s estranged husband, is the father of Hayley’s unborn child. When Alfie makes a comeback this autumn, will the secret be revealed?

Fan Favourite Set to Return to Eastenders | Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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As Alfie returns to the Square to reconcile with Kat, he does not know that Hayley is still pregnant with his child.  How will Hayley keep her secret?  How will Kat react when she realises her husband will be the father of her cousin’s child?  This reveal is set to be a big one, and we’re too excited to see what happens!

Elsewhere on Albert Square, Max reveals to his brother Jack that his marriage to Rainie isn’t all it’s made out to be.  A shocking arrest is made early this week in relation to Stuart’s shooting and Sharon and Keanu are spotted looking too close together.

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