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Festival Beauty Made Easy

Festival glam made easy!

You’ve got the sought after ticket, plans are being made in the WhatsApp group and the reliable wellies have been bought.  It’s almost time for the finale of Irish festivals, Electric Picnic – so we’ve got our planning caps on!  Outfit planning can be a tricky one, as Irish weather isn’t the most reliable.  But one thing that we can be sure of is that our beauty routine will be a lot more creative than our usual weekday looks.  While we can’t all have the talent of the amazing makeup artists out there (like the fabulous Maria Murphy and Megan O’Connor), we can still vamp up our beauty looks!  Check out these sure ways to glam up your festival look.  Plus the products that won’t cost a fortune to achieve it – because let’s face it, no one wants to bring their beloved products to a weekend-long festival!

Festival Beauty Made Easy on
 Festival ready wardrobe, now for makeup!

Glitter 101

When it comes to festivals, it’s almost mandatory to go all out with glitter.  But let’s face it, it can be tricky to get right, even with plenty of practice!  But there are some products that make glitter look super simple.

If you’re not too keen on a full glitter getup, layer up your highlighter instead.  This can be a great indicator as to whether you want to keep it glowing or go all out with glitter.  We’re loving the latest addition to theBalmMary-Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighter.  Apply it along your cheekbones, even pop it over your lipstick for a super metallic sheen.

To take your look a step further, glide on your glitter with the L’Oreal Metalista Eye Paint.  A super simple way to glam up your eye makeup.  Glide it across your lids, blend a little and you’re good to go!  Even add a couple of strokes around your eyes to give your look a festival-oomph.

Glam things up a notch with the NYX Face & Body Glitter.  Dab a light layer of Vaseline on your skin and simply pop on the glitter.  Easy to do and simple to remove!  It’s totally acceptable to use glitter as under-eye concealer too, bonus!

Festival Beauty Made Easy on
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Bare Essentials

If you’d rather spend your time dancing than applying makeup, opt for these makeup essentials instead.

Granted, a weekend in a field is going to cause havoc on your skin and our skincare must-haves will not be getting packed.  Concealer to the rescue!  Opt for a super strong concealer that will cover up any mishaps over the weekend.  The mini Benefit Boi-ing Airbrush concealer is a perfect choice.  It does exactly what it says on the tin and is festival fun-sized!

In need of a pop of colour with minimal effort?  Play it safe with a reliable liquid lipstick.  Enter, the Meet Matte Hughes lipsticks from theBalm!

Hit the refresh button with a setting spray to lock in your look and give you a gorgeous dewy finish.  The NYX Setting Spray is a must-have in your festival bag.  Simply spray in the morning and your makeup will stay put and perfect all day long!


Festival Beauty Made Easy on
Image from Pinterest


Take this as a chance to wildly experiment with your makeup, why not? It’s all in the fun of a festival!  While you’re here, be sure to check out the ultimate festival survival guide!

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