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Festival Survival Guide – Beauty Edition

Festival ready? Not until you’ve ticked these products off your list!

It may be almost a week since Coachella kicked off with a bang, so it’s still on our mind (and on our Instagram feed).  It’s safe to say that although we didn’t jet off to party at Coachella, it definitely put us in the festival mood!  Although we have a serious festival fever, let’s be honest, there are a few beauty essentials that we wouldn’t dare go to a festival without. Whatever festival you’re lucky enough to be going along to this year, here is your ultimate beauty guide!  Think you’ve got festival survival down to a tee? Not until you’ve ticked these products off your list!

Festival Survival Guide - Beauty Edition on

The Absolute Necessities

These are the items that you really don’t want to forget to pack, along with your tent and ticket!  They’re what will you keep you sane (and smelling fresh) without a hot shower for the weekend.  Key to festival survival!

Wet wipes and cleansing cloths: When you have to survive without a shower, wet wipes don’t need an introduction or an explanation. A big ‘don’t forget’ on the wipes!  Cleansing cloths will come in super handy when removing your makeup.  Rather than drying out your face with wipes, opt for Wipe Out! cloths.  Simply add a little water from your bottle and wipe your makeup away.  Voilá!

Dry shampoo: Even if you’re one of the lucky ones whose hair doesn’t turn greasy after two days, dry shampoo will be your lifesaver.  It will help add texture, volume and overall, a little life to your hair.

Festival Survival Guide - Beauty Edition on
 A pair of fabulous sunglasses are another festival must have!

The Must-Haves

These products aren’t as necessary as the above, but they’ll make your weekend a whole lot easier if you pack them in with your beauty bits.

A super concealer: Having a good time can take its toll on your skin (boo!). So having the concealer equivalent of Wonder Woman will be a lifesaver.  The industrial strength Boi-ing concealer from Benefit Cosmetics is straight at the top of our list!

Your fave lippie: Once Sunday morning rolls around and you can’t bring yourself to go for full festival makeup, your favourite lipstick will be your best friend.  It’ll add a little life to your look and distract from tired eyes!

Check out our full guide to festival beauty right here.  We’ve also got the latest Coachella inspired looks from some of our favourite gals!



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