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Five Beauty Hacks That Are Sure to Change Your Life

Super simple, yet life-changing beauty hacks!

With so many beauty products and techniques out there these days, our beauty regimes aren’t as simple as they use to be!  gone are the days when a pop of powder and a slick of gloss would do the job.  Now we have a choice of everything from eyelash primers to nose contouring, as well as every other product under the sun.  So if a little tip here and there is going to make our beauty regimes a little simpler, we’re all for it.  Who’s with us!?  These super simple hacks are life-changing, to say the least! Check out these top tips to merge into your beauty regime today.


Five Beauty Hacks You NEED to Know About

Hack #1 Is your eye makeup a little too hard to take off?  Rubbing and dragging your eyes while removing makeup can cause a whole lot of problems.  Including premature wrinkles, and nobody wants that!  Instead, pop your eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and hold over your eye for two minutes.  This dissolves the majority of your eye makeup so that it can easily slide off.  No rubbing involved!

Five Beauty Hacks That Are Sure to Change Your Life on

Hack #2 We’re loving that the sun is finally making an appearance, but don’t forget to give your hair a little extra TLC after enjoying the sun.  For a super simple hair mask, melt a spoonful (or two, depending on your hair length) of coconut oil in the microwave and leave in your hair for a half an hour.  This locks in the moisture and you’ll be left with a super silky mane.  Just make sure you give your locks a good wash afterwards to remove all the oil!

Hack #3 It’s one of those mornings where everything is going wrong, including smashing your favourite highlighter – is there anything worse?  Rather than leaving it aside and promising yourself to get it fixed up one day, there’s a whole other alternative.  Mix your broken highlighter into your body moisturiser.  You now have a fabulous, shimmering body moisturiser!  Perfect for a glowing look on sunny days.

Five Beauty Hacks That Are Sure to Change Your Life on

Hack #4 Struggling to remove old false tan?  Whip out the reliable old baby oil!  Oils break down false tan in a jiffy, so work some baby oil into your skin and leave on for up to a half an hour.  The stubborn tan should glide off in the shower.  For other ways to deal with tanning disasters, check out this post right here.

Hack #5 Looking for ways to up your brow game?  For brows that scream volume, apply brow fibres to your brows.  But, work them backwards through your brows.  This creates instant volume for your brows.  The bigger the brows, the better! Our favourite product for this has to be Benefit Gimme Brow.  It’s a must-have!  Read all about our Gimme Brow tips here.  

Five Beauty Hacks That Are Sure to Change Your Life on
Gimme Brow – Our ultimate fave!

Hands up who’s going to try out these hacks?  They’re super simple, and they definitely fall under life-changing hacks!



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