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Five Feel Good Films on Netflix

Staying in this weekend? These top picks are sure to keep you entertained!

It’s finally Friday, and as the weather isn’t all so fabulous, it’s the perfect excuse to stay in for a relaxing night with a Netflix favourite!  We’ve talked about some of our favourite Netflix movies before, but this weekend, we’re all about the feel-good factor!  Here are five fantastic movies that are sure to put a smile on your face and in a great mood for the weekend.


La La Land

Kicking things off with a musical, because what has more of a feel-good factor than a classic musical?  La La Land ticks all the boxes, from comedy and drama to romance and of course, music.  Starring Emma Stone as an aspiring actress and Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist, it tells the love story of the two as they both attempt to pursue their dreams in Los Angeles.  This iconic film has received praise from all corners and is a must-watch this weekend.

Five Feels Good Films on Netflix | Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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Bridget Jones’s Baby

After 12 years, Bridget Jones came back with a bang, and a baby too.  After separating from her longtime love Mark Darcy, Bridget meets a tall, dark and handsome American, Jack.  Of course, knowing Bridget Jones, not everything goes to plan and she finds herself pregnant and unsure whether the baby’s father is Mark or Jack.  Full of laughter, love and Bridget’s antics – this is one of our recent faves!

13 Going on 30

It’s hard to believe this pick is now 14 years old (crazy, right?) but it’s definitely stood the test of time.  An easy watch that can be enjoyed over and over, how could we not include it in our feel-good list?  A teenage girl who wishes to be ‘thirty, flirty and thriving‘, is magically transformed into a successful 30-year-old woman overnight. She eventually realises this isn’t the life she wanted, and the story transforms from there.  Not to forget the iconic Thriller scene, this is the perfect watch over a relaxing weekend!

Five Feels Good Films on Netflix | Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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The film adaption of the Roald Dahl classic is always a feel-good choice and perfect for the whole family. Follow Matilda’s magical story as she deals with her parents, her evil school principal as well as finding out she has magic powers. Is there a better feel-good film to gather the family together for?

The Intern

Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, could we get a better pair for a feel-good film?  The Intern follows Ben, a retired widower who decides to apply for a senior internship at an online fashion firm.  Ben begins to work alongside Jules, the CEO of the company and the pair form an unlikely friendship.  This comedy-drama is the ideal pick for rainy days!

Five Feels Good Films on Netflix | Littlewoods Ireland Blog
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