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Five Things To Do When the Kids are Back in School

Looking for some ‘me-time’?

We know you love them, but you’re probably just the teeniest bit excited that the kids are heading back to school.  Just think of all the things you can do with the extra time!  If you’ve got the first of September circled in the calendar for some ‘me-time’, then we’ve got you covered!  We’ve got some great suggestions for you for how to spend those upcoming kid-free hours, whether it be some free time in the mornings or when they’re busy at after-school activities.


Master a Cuisine

This summer you’ve probably cooked the whole family dinner with one hand while packing a Disney backpack in the other and holding a conversation about the characters in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Now that you’ve got a bit of peace back in your afternoons, take the chance to enjoy cooking again.  Check out our super tasty recipes and try your hand at more inventive dishes, or a cuisine you’ve always liked.  You could start easy with Italian.  Once you’ve tried homemade pizzas, you won’t be tempted by a takeaway pizza again!

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Join a Class

September also means back to school for adults.  Hundreds of community colleges around Ireland are enrolling for part-time classes right now.  From Pilates to Creative Writing, Beginners’ French to Introduction to Watercolours, chances are there will be a hobby that you abandoned years ago that’s worth starting again.  Sign-up now and in 10 weeks you’ll find yourself with a new skill and new friends

Grab Your Walking Shoes

We all have constant reminders of why walking is the easiest exercise we can get, but we’re not doing enough of it.  We should be getting through 10,000-12,000 steps a day, for our overall health and well-being.  Give yourself at least an hour and head to your nearest park.  Get a good pair of runners, and download some podcasts to listen to or even an audiobook.  You won’t notice the miles go by!

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Pamper Time

Is there any greater luxury than having the time to lock the bathroom door, run a bath with loads of bubbles and just sink into it?  Add a couple of scented candles, a facemask and some butter-soft body lotion for a spa experience at home.  Feel free to bring a good book and your favourite drink or treat with you – it’s been a long summer after all!



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