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Five Things We All Feel On Mondays

Let’s do this Monday!

Ah, Monday.  Although not all of us work Monday to Friday, we all get the Monday feeling every now and again at least!  Sometimes it feels like a productive fresh start, while other times it feels like you didn’t have a weekend at all!  Here are five thoughts we all go through each and every Monday.


Coffee, Please!

Our first thought when we open our eyes, coffee please!  Monday mornings always require a large coffee.  We can’t be expected through the chaos that is Monday morning without a hug in a mug – can we?  We’d even go as far as a double shot of coffee for those tough starts to the week!

Five Things We All Feel Every Monday | Littlewoods Ireland Bog
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How is it Monday Already?

It feels like it was only a couple of hours ago that you were saying goodbyes and wishing everyone a great weekend.  Between catching up on the washing, general running around and trying to enjoy yourself, it can be hard to fit everything in.  So the two precious days turn into one blur and you find yourself looking forward to the next weekend before you know it!

Daydreaming of Your Comfy Bed

How is it that every Monday morning your bed is somehow ten times comfier and warmer than ever?  Whatever form of wizardry this is, it has us daydreaming of our bed all Monday long.  The worst part of the coming winter months is always leaving your cosy bed!

Five Things We All Feel Every Monday | Littlewoods Ireland Bog

Treat Time

Getting through the first day of the week means a little pat on the back, and a nice treat too!  Particularly when we’re coming into cold, winter mornings, let’s not leave treats just for the weekend.  Treating yourself to something nice, whether it be that warm coffee in the mornings, or that handbag that you’ve had your eye on can always brighten up your Monday!


That moment of relief when you finally get in your front door and change into the cosiest clothes you have – it’s the best part of any Monday!

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