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Four Ways to Keep a Positive Mind

These four simple things are easy ways to inject some positive vibes into your life!

In aid of World Mental Health Day, we’re thinking of simple things we can do to help bring more positivity into our day-to-day routines.  It can sometimes sound a little cliché, but a bit of positive thinking really can do wonders.  Here are four ways to bring some positive thinking to your day.


No Messing Meditation

Meditation has a lot of different benefits and although it may be difficult to begin with, there are too many success stories to ignore at this stage.  Start off small, even with just two minutes you may feel the difference.  Once you develop the habit, you can slowly increase the length of your meditation time.  Check out this app which is dedicated to meditation and mindfulness.

Four Ways to Keep a Positive Mind on

Jot Down the Good Things

At the end of each day, take just five minutes to jot down what you’re grateful for.  They don’t have to be anything drastic, just something small each day!  Taking this time can really perk up your mood, it’s also super nice to look back on too.  Dedicate a notebook towards this so you have everything in one spot.  We’re loving this Ted Baker notebook set, how could we not want to use it for something super positive?

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Pin Positive Quotes

It may sound cheesy, but filling your mind with positive and affirming quotes is one sure way to start thinking positively.  Spend some winding down time on Pinterest and create a board just for positive quotes.  They’ll come in handy for scrolling through when you need to be more positive.

Four Ways to Keep a Positive Mind on

Make Mornings Enjoyable

Don’t just drag yourself out of bed and then moan your morning away.  Start off your day on a positive note.  Lay out your outfit so there’s no rushing.  Listen to an uplifting and upbeat song.  Drink your favourite coffee.  Little things like this can set you up for a much more positive and feel good kind of day.

Four Ways to Keep a Positive Mind on


There are just four simple things you can do to start thinking more positively today.  We could probably all do with some more good vibes in our lives!


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