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Getting A Good Night’s Sleep In This Heat

8 easy ways to ensure a cool slumber!

We wouldn’t dare complain about the gorgeous warm weather we’re currently experiencing, although I think I speak for all of us when I say, it’s almost impossible to get to sleep.  Because the days around this time of year are so long, it means that nighttime gets a very little cooling down period, before the sun is ready to rise again.  But don’t fret!  Because there are a couple of things you can do to ensure a cool night’s slumber.

Invest In A Fan

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool™ Fan Heater, €477.99
Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool™ Fan Heater, €477.99

You may feel that buying a fan is unjustifiable in Ireland for summer, as the hot weather doesn’t tend to stick around for too long, however this one from Dyson works as both a cold fan, and a heater, meaning you won’t have to store it away in the winter.  Its super sleek design won’t act as an eye sore either, and trust us when we say you’ll have no issue getting those Z’s when your bedroom is like a sauna at night.

Don’t Leave Your Windows Open During The Day

Experts (not just us!) actually say that keeping the windows open during the day contribute to your home being so warm at night.  Instead they recommend keeping the windows and curtains shut while you’re at work, or out of the house.

Put Your Bedding In The Freezer

Pure Cotton 200 Thread Count Oxf Pillowcase, €12.00
Pure Cotton 200 Thread Count Oxf Pillowcase, €12.00

We know, we thought it sounded a bit odd too, but stay with us!  While you may not have enough space to throw your whole duvet into the freezer, we recommend putting your pillow cases into a plastic bag and into the freezer for 30 minutes before you hit the hay.  Your pillow cases should stay nice and cool for 30 – 40 minutes, which will hopefully give you enough time to nod off.

Sleep In Cotton Or Silk

Cath Kidston Belsize Bouquet Pj Shorts Set, €33.50
Cath Kidston Belsize Bouquet Pj Shorts Set, €33.50

While it can be tempting to sleep in the nip during such warm weather, experts suggest that this actually contributes to an even warmer night’s sleep.  This is due to there being nothing between your skin and your sleeping surface, which means there is no layer for moisture to evaporat.  Kind of gross, right?

Run Your Wrists Under Cold Water

From your wrists to your elbows, on the inside of the arm is where blood flows closest to the surface of the skin in your body.  By running your wrists and forearms under cold water before bed, it’ll cool your blood before hopping into bed.

Fill A Hot Water Bottle With Ice

Hot bottles aren’t just for winter!  We know, we were baffled too!  By putting cold water and ice into a hot water bottle and placing it in the areas that get the hottest while you’re trying to sleep, for example the backs of your knees, feet, groin and under-arm, will give you instant cool relief.  Don’t have a hot water bottle to hand?  Freeze some rice and pop in a zip lock bag to create an ice pack that won’t melt all over your bedding.

Switch To A Lower Tog Duvet

Everyday Collection Soft Touch And Extra Bounce 4.5 Tog Duvet Db, €14.00 to €22.00
Everyday Collection Soft Touch And Extra Bounce 4.5 Tog Duvet Db, €14.00 to €22.00

Okay, this seems like an obvious, but important step in the bid for a cool night’s sleep.  Still have your mattress protector on too?  Whip that off, as it traps the heat underneath you.

Fill An Empty Perfume Bottle With Water

Keep a little spray bottle of water on your bedside locker so you can spritz your face and neck when you get too warm.  It’s a temporary but much needed instant coolant.

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