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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Occasion

From birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between, Littlewoods Ireland has the perfect gift for every occasion. Shop now for free delivery.

Gifts for Every Occasion 

At Littlewoods, we provide every gift you can imagine – as well as thousands you haven’t thought of. Countless mothers, fathers, boyfriends, girlfriends and pals have found the perfect present here for every occasion. 

Let’s have a browse…

Christmas gift ideas

christmas gift guide

Let us help take the stress out of Christmas shopping. If you’re stuck for inspiration (happens to us all), you might want to have a look through our personalised gifts section. These bespoke presents can range from wine glasses to lighters to candles.

Let’s break it down even further, starting with gift ideas for the women in your life…

Christmas gift ideas for her

Some things never go out of style, which is why the most popular Littlewood gifts for her tend to be old classics and favourites. 

Fragrances, for instance, are especially popular, from designer perfumes to Yankee Candles

Stocking Fillers for her

For stocking fillers, think small and thoughtful, like fashion accessories, makeup bags or hot water bottles

Christmas gift ideas for him

Year after year, grooming products are among the most popular men’s gifts. We all like to look, smell and feel good, so Christmas stockings are often filled with the finest razors, fragrances and clothes. 

Christmas (and indeed, January) is a good time to curl up in front of a screen, whether the man in your life is a gamer or loves movies and boxsets. Modern games run the gamut bringing you to battlefields to sports fields to fantasy lands, and we’ve got them all. And on the DVD/Blu-Ray side, it’s classics, the latest blockbusters and TV gems.

Stocking Fillers for him

In the electronics department, there’s everything from headphones to digital cameras to smart watches

And some boys never grow up, which is why we have a selection of toys for big boys, from remote control cars to drones. 

Christmas gifts for kids 

We’ve got kids’ gifts covered, with the latest must-have toys, videogames and more. The toy range includes the hottest favourites, classics like Lego and board games, as well as the newest toys on the block (which your kids will know better than you!). 

This extends to gaming too, where we stock the latest titles for every console as well as the consoles themselves. (Make sure you buy the right game for the right machine!) 

Anniversary gifts 

anniversary gift guide

Marking an anniversary is a beautiful thing. Here’s a guide to what to buy for each major milestone, taking into account tradition and expectations.

Anniversary gifts for her 

It’s hard to go wrong with jewellery. Don’t be intimidated by price or choice: there’s something for every budget or taste. If you’re not sure what style to buy, take a look at her jewellery stand for inspiration or ask one of her friends. 

Price-wise, it can range from something small and thoughtful like charms or a jewellery box to the designer and branded ranges.

Anniversary gifts for him 

Jewellery doesn’t necessarily mean bracelets and chains: a good watch is a perfect anniversary gift for the man in your life. It’s stylish and practical. Plus, the timepiece is a nice, symbolic symbol of the passage of the first year. 

1st anniversary gifts (Paper Anniversary) 

A first wedding anniversary is officially a “paper” anniversary. This means that a gift could be a picture frame or cute stationary. That stationary can be a gift of its own, or you can add a romantic note or poem if you’re feeling inspired!

10th anniversary gifts 

For your 10-year anniversary, tin or aluminium are acceptable metals for gifts. Diamond is the traditional stone for this occasion, and you can find something for everyone from our  huge range of jewellery

15th anniversary gifts

Crystal is the traditional gift at this stage and we have gorgeous glassware to choose from. The fun thing about this one is that it can be delicately beautiful crystal glasses or – if that’s not your bag – whiskey tumblers. 

20th anniversary gifts 

Did you know that china is the traditional gift for this milestone? This can include elegant or modern kitchenware, from the practical to the decorative.

25th anniversary gifts 

At the quarter century mark, silver has long been the material of choice. This can be a bracelet, ring or chain

Birthday gifts 

birthday gift guide

We love birthdays! And we have a vast selection of birthday presents to make the event all the more special. 

Birthday gift for your boyfriend 

Clothes make the man, and you’re sure to find something he’ll fall in love with from our men’s clothes racks. For a birthday gift, runners, shoes or boots are reliable and always welcome. Or, if you’re splashing out more, he might like a good coat or jacket that will last long beyond the birthday party. 

Birthday gifts for your girlfriend 

Our women’s gift department is always evolving, frequently updating with new stock and bargains. There’s lots of inspiration here, but we especially recommend the fun, handy bags and purses and the soft, cosy lounge wear.

Or, if you think she’d welcome it, you can always get some chic lingerie.   

Birthday gift for mothers 

We all love our mammies, and birthdays are a great excuse to spoil them. Depending on your mum’s taste, you could pick out something for her home (from home accessories to baking ware) or a blouse or shirt that would suit her style. 

Birthday gifts for fathers 

Dads are easy to buy for if you know their interests. And, making it easier, they tend to only have one or two! 

If your old man is a golfer, we’ve got the gifts for him. Our golf store has equipment, clothes and accessories, in a range of colours and for every budget.

Maybe he likes DIY or gardening? We’ve got that covered too, with top of the range DIY tools and gear and world-glass gardening equipment.

30th birthday gift ideas 

For Him 

If he’s into both gadgets and keeping in shape (a growing concern when they hit the other side of 30!), some cool, wearable tech would be the perfect gift. Elsewhere, our selection of headphones is top notch and we have the ideal headphones for a range of activities, including running, gaming and commuting. 

For Her 

You might have heard somewhere that women are fond of shoes…

Whether she likes robust Dock Martens or something more glam, a good pair of shoes can be a woman’s best friend. If she’s into fitness, we’ve got that covered too, with all the latest sportswear

40th birthday gift ideas 

On this milestone, gifts and priorities can change a little. Whatever their tastes, we’ve got the right gift.

For Him 

A nice suit or blazer never goes out of style, and it’s a good chance to update your hubbie or boyfriend’s wardrobe. 

For Her 

Bespoke gifts show that you care, and you can organise it all online in our personalised jewellery department. Otherwise, something from one of her favourite beauty brands is a thoughtful gift.   

Wedding gift ideas 

wedding gift guide

There’s a good chance the happy couple is living together before tying the knot, so there’s always room for a good gift for their home. Something to make their mealtimes easier would do the trick, whether it’s a coffee machine or a sandwich maker.

If that’s not their thing, maybe luggage would be their (ahem) bag. That would be the perfect gift to bring on their honeymoon.

What to give as an engagement gift 

Not everyone gives engagement gifts these days, but if you are one of those lovely people, some quality tableware (such as linen or dining sets) would be greatly appreciated. This is the kind of gift they’ll enjoy for years to come.

What to give as a thank you gift 

Thank you gifts need a personal touch, so a lovely way to show appreciation is with a collectible or keepsake. This can be anything from limited edition movie prints to statuettes to rare movie and TV merchandise. 

Christening and baby shower gift ideas 

Our baby and toddler department goes from handy to cosy to playful, while always remaining adorable! Baby clothes are a popular choice, and we have the softest, cutest gear for kids, in ranges for boys, girls and unisex.

Littlewoods Ireland: Making special occasions even more special 

We love to be part of the special moments in people’s lives, and we do that by providing a world-class range of gorgeous gifts for every occasion. 

Whatever you need is just a click away.

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