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Six Getaways That Are a Must For The Girls

In need of a girly getaway? Whether it be for a full weekend or just a few hours – we’ve got the perfect choices for a catch up with the girls.

What’s one of the best feelings in the world?  When you’ve been laughing so much that you feel like you have abs coming on.  Which is usually what happens when the ladies get together for a weekend filled with catching up, chats and laughter.  Although, it may not happen often enough!  Whether it be a full weekend or just a spare few hours – we all need a getaway now and again, here are six ideal ways to do exactly that.


A Whole Weekend of Catching Up

After weeks of date suggestions to and fro in the WhatsApp group, there’s finally a weekend that suits everyone.  Amazing!  Now it’s time to take full advantage of that and get together for a girls getaway.  These destinations may take a bit more planning, but they’ll be so worth it in the end!

The G Hotel

A luxury escape in the centre of Galway, the G Hotel is the ideal destination for a girly getaway.  Head to Galway city for a spot of shopping and then be treated to the endless options at the delightful spa.  A divine weekend!

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If you’re looking for a blissful weekend, Monart is where you need to go.  The perfect place for a catch up with the girls!  A stunning location, divine food and an incredible spa selection.  You’ll be planning your next trip back the moment you leave!

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Your Very Own Castle

How amazing would it be to have the ultimate catch up with a group of friends in your own castle for the night?  There are plenty of castles around Ireland that you can book just like a hotel room, that aren’t as expensive as you might think.  No, really.  Check out Airbnb to book a stay at a castle.  It will be just like living a fairytale!

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A Few Hours Here and There

So everyone can’t manage to be free for a whole weekend, what now?  Rather than abandoning the idea of a fabulous getaway, or just going to the usual brunch spot, there’s plenty of ways you can get away with the girls when you can’t book a weekend getaway.

Fab Food Trail

If you’re in Dublin or Cork, Fab Food Trails is a must do.  Explore the cities while stopping at fabulous food spots that are charming and trendy.  They also have a specific tour for fashion and foodie lovers alike.  Ideal situation!

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The Design House

A boutique, a gallery, a studio space and a classroom all rolled into one.  The Design House offers an array of classes.  From headpiece making to designing your very own skirt – it’s an evening filled with creativity and is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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Aerial Classes

Not exactly the usual destination for a catch up with the ladies, but certainly one that won’t be forgotten!  Aerial Cirque is a performing arts school that offer various classes on aerial performance.  Trying something new, having a great laugh with friends and getting a workout in all at once.  What could be better?

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For those days (or weeks) when you’re looking for something that’s a little more budget friendly, check out these date destinations that won’t break the bank.  Whether it be with a bunch of friends, your sister or your other half, you’ll have the best of times.



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