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Ideas For Halloween Fun at Home with the Kids

Fun for all the family!

Halloween is such a fun time of year!  Not only are you expected to eat as many sweet treats as you can possibly manage, with zero judgement from anyone, but it falls on a  weekend too, so we get to enjoy lots of family time.

Since we can’t have visitors over this year, we all need to be that little bit more creative.

If you’re struggling with ideas for your upcoming Halloween kids party, then don’t worry, because we’ve done our research so you don’t have to!  These games are designed for kids, but we reckon it’ll be the adults having the most fun in the end!

Doughnut Eating Race

A (far tastier) twist on the classic apple eating race, this game involves hanging doughnuts from pieces of string from the ceiling, and racing each other to take a full bite out of a doughnut, without using your hands!  Sounds easy, right?  The hard part is not devouring the lot before hanging them!  Trip to Krispy Kreme anyone?

Pop the Pumpkin


This game is pretty self explanatory; assemble a bunch of orange balloons into a circle on the wall (or floor).  But before you inflate your balloons, fill a couple of them with pieces of paper with prizes to be given out afterwards. That way, there’s an added layer of excitement!

Best Costume Contest

This goes without saying, but make sure that your kids are excited for their little Halloween party, why not offer a prize for best dressed?  Imagination rally is the limit when it comes to kids’ fancy dress costumes, so that imagination should be rewarded.

kids halloween costumes for childrenSpooky Bowling

Image Credit: Party Delights

I don’t know which is more fun: the game, or painting the tins?  This is one the whole family can enjoy.  Simply get some empty food cans, and get creative with your favourite Halloween characters.  Use a tennis ball as your bowling ball, and make sure to keep track of the score so there’s no cheating!  We know how heated these things get!

Marshmallow Toss

Similar to the adults’ version of beer pong, line up six plastic cups in a triangle format on both ends of a table, and try and toss a marshmallow into a cup without knocking it over.  Once a marshmallow lands in a cup, the opponent must eat the marshmallow and take away the cup.  The winner will have the most cups on their side at the end.

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