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Home Gadgets for Easier Living

We’re about to make home life a whole lot easier with the gadgets you didn’t even know you needed!

Between trying to eat a healthy diet, getting up for work at crazy hours and keeping on top of the housework; life can get pretty hectic, right?  Well with these handy home gadgets, life is about to get a whole lot easier.

FoodSaver FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System, €119.99
FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System, €119.99

Did you know, it’s estimated in Ireland that we throw away as much as one third of the food we buy?  This translates to an estimated €700 per household each year!  Can you imagine the wardrobe we’d have for that kind of cash?  And that’s before we even consider the effect this food waste has on the environment.

We say “waste not, want not!”  And what better way to do that than with the FoodSaver Fresh Food Preservation System?  This nifty device revolutionises the way we store our food, keeping it fresher for longer, and in turn, minimising food waste.  The FoodSaver uses a vacuum technology to remove the air from zipper bags, making it last twice as long as regular zipper bags, cling film or tinfoil.  While it may seem a stretch at €119, it’ll save you serious bucks in the long run.

Tefal FZ740040 ActiFry Original Health Fryer, 1kg Capacity
Tefal FZ740040 ActiFry Original Health Fryer, 1kg Capacity, €209.99

Our favourite comfort foods just got a whole lot healthier (and easier!) thanks to the Tefal ActiFry Health Fryer.  From golden roasties, to crispy chips; with just one spoonful of oil, the ActiFry creates perfect, healthy chips every time.  Although it’s not limited to spuds, you can use your Actifry for casseroles, curries, and even chicken breasts.

Addis Spray Mop with Microfibre Flat Head
Addis Spray Mop with Microfibre Flat Head, €24.99

We’ve talked about this Addis Spray Mop before, but we really just can’t get over how genius this product is.  No more lugging a mop and bucket around the house, no more smears from a dirty mop head, and good riddance to pouring out half the water from the bucket back onto the half-clean floor!  “Hallelujah!”  we hear you rejoice.  Simply fill the canister on the front of the Addis Spray Mop with water, and use the handle to spray the floor in front of you.  It really is that simple.  And the best part is: the micro-fibre mop head is machine washable, so no more streaky floors.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine by Krups, €141.99
Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine by Krups, €141.99

Life is very difficult before our morning cup of Joe, right?  Well start your day off right with a delicious Nespresso from the Vertuo Plus Coffee Machine by Krups.  Barista-style coffee from your own kitchen, now what could be better than that?  The Vertuo machine offers four different cup sizes, ideal for those of us who prefer a longer, milkier brew, but also has the function to make the perfect Espresso, for those looking for a quick caffeine hit!

Fitbit Charge 2™
Fitbit Charge 2™, €139.99

Fitbits took the world by storm in 2017, and it seems like they’re here to stay.  Unlike any other faddy piece of fitness technology, the Fitbit really stands out from the crowd and is super practical – not just for fitness, but for your general well being.  It uses PurePulse continuous heart tracking while also measuring your calories burned, and has a built in automatic sleep tracking feature, so you can tell how many Zs you’re getting throughout the night, to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Get calls, texts and calendar notifications straight to your wrist, and when you get a moment to yourself, you can avail of its personalised guided breathing sessions.  Oh, and did we mention it tells the time? It really is a super smart device.

Tile Sport
Tile Sport, €34.99

Say ‘goodbye’ to searching the house high and low for your phone, which is most definitely on silent, and ‘hello’ to to smart technology doing the looking for you.  Our minds were absolutely blown when we discovered the Tile Sport, and yours is about to be too.  Using Bluetooth technology, the Tile Sport allows you to ring your phone even if it’s on silent, and if it’s out of range, simply use the app to check its last location on the map!  It’s not just for finding you phone though, simply attach the Tile Sport to your handbag, car keys, the kitchen sink if you have to (did we mention it’s also waterproof?), and in one click of an app, you’ll be able to track down your lost belongings.  It’s engineered to run for a whole year without needing any maintenance, so no need to replace its batteries or needing to charge it.

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