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This Is How To Know If You Are Wearing The Right Bra Size

Guess what percentage of women wear the wrong bra size?

Apparently, 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!  June Kenton, Kate Middleton’s royal bra fitter, told that almost all of us are wearing the wrong cup or band size.  It is very easy to do unless you have been to a professional bra fitting. And even then, sometimes different places might give you different results.

You can follow some of these easy tricks to make sure you are wearing the right bra and band size!

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Is your underwire sitting away from your chest?

Your underwire should be sitting right against your chest. If it is gaping, it is not the right size bra for you. Tighten your straps and lift your arms above your head. If your underwire stays in the same place, it is the right fit for you!

Are your straps digging into your shoulders?

If this is happening to you, you need to go down a band size. The band and straps should be working together, so if your straps are cutting into you it means that they are giving the majority of the support.

Is the back of your band riding up?

Your band is probably too big. Your band should fit comfortably but firmly across your back, and not pull up.

Are your cups wrinkling or gaping?

Your cup size is probably too large. You should try going down a cup size.

Do your breasts fit in the cup completely?

If your breasts are bulging out the top, sides or under the cup, you should probably go up a cup size.

Is your strapless bra slipping down?

Go down a band size, or a few! The band is the only support you get from a strapless bra.

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