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A day in the life of Lauren Guilfoyle!

How does Lauren balance it all?


Lauren gives us the low down on how Round 4 of the Littlewoods Ireland Camogie Leagues played out.
Lauren tells us about a typical day in her life.

Lauren Guilfoyle is a busy woman- and that’s an understatement! She is a physiotherapist, in both a clinic and with the Tipperary minor hurling team; while also working as a sports broadcaster for various publications, all at the ripe old age of twenty two.

Lauren also found time in her hectic schedule in March as well to do live commentary at the Littlewoods Ireland Camogie League semi-final.

We caught up with Lauren to hear how she manages to juggle her career and still maintain a social life. What we were pleased to learn from our chat is that she loves her job, and this is what keeps her going.

In her downtime, Lauren takes a breather a the beach. We love this VbyVery outfit on her!

Tell us a little bit about your career/job?

Where to start! I work Monday to Friday in a physiotherapy clinic in Nenagh, Tipperary where I treat patients of all ages and backgrounds. I also work in a sports environment and I’m a physiotherapist with the Tipperary Minor Hurlers this year, a role I’m thoroughly enjoying.

I travel to Thurles to link up with them a couple of times a week. I also work in sports media, mainly covering GAA and Camogie, through the medium of visual broadcast or written content, both of which I have developed a passion for. This involves travelling to games around the country, conducting sit-down or telephone interviews, and then the hard work of putting a piece together to publish.

How do you manage to juggle it all?

It’s easier than you might think to manage. I’m blessed in that I really enjoy the work I do – both in physiotherapy and sports media. I am a complete sports nut so the majority of the games I attend are matches I would go to in my spare time anyway. Most of my friends, housemates and all my family adore sport so it’s a case of “Two Birds, One Stone”, to be able to travel to these games and spend time with them too.

It's Lauren's passion for her role that keeps her going.
It’s Lauren’s passion for her role that keeps her going. We love this V by Very blazer on her!

What was the reason for getting involved with the GAA?

Getting involved in GAA circles wasn’t a conscious choice I ever made, it’s all I’ve ever known. My family, particularly my Dad, live and breathe sport so it was always an integral part of my life. I genuinely can’t imagine what my world would look like without it.

I think what has kept me involved in GAA is the social aspect to it. I love going to games meeting people with the same mindset – I think GAA people are pretty good people overall. It doesn’t have to be the action on the pitch that dictates if I enjoy a game, the chat over a cuppa at halftime with some colourful characters can be just as entertaining.

What do you think your next steps will be in your career?

I have absolutely no idea – that’s the beauty of it. I’m only 22-years-old so I’m well placed to get stuck into what I’m doing right now and see how things develop. I’m ideally placed to grasp every opportunity that comes my way, so that’s my mantra at the moment. “No” isn’t a word I use very often!


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