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Lauren Guilfoyle’s top 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle!

Physiotherapist and Sports Broadcaster Lauren Guilfoyle gives us her recommendations!

January, the Monday of the months! We need a lot of motivation to get back into the swing of normality. Around this time of year, a lot of people will set themselves new fitness goals. So, to get some advice on living a healthy lifestyle, we sat down with physiotherapist and gym-lover Lauren Guilfoyle.

If anyone knows what it is like to be constantly busy and on the go – it’s our gal Lauren! As well as working as a physio for the Tipperary Minor hurling team, she manages to juggle a career also in sports broadcasting! We asked Lauren what her top five tips for a healthy lifestyle are, and we love them!


“Keeping active is so important for not only your physical but mental health as well! A simple half an hour of exercise every day can make such a difference!”

Drink lots of water

“Staying hydrated will work wonders for your body and your skin! So try and drink as much water as you can throughout the day.”

Do things gradually

“Do not just jump into things head first. From a physio point of view, you are going to hurt yourself if you do that! Take it day by day and build on what you did yesterday. And then add on a little bit each day.”

Find something that you like to do that is activity based

“Whatever that is, it doesn’t have to be running or going to the gym, just make sure it is something you really enjoy, because then, you won’t mind repeating it!”

To enjoy the process, not look towards the end goal

“It is honestly the best thing you can do!”

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Ellen McConville

Typically found on the sidelines or in Croke Park, Ellen is the Sports Content Editor for Littlewoods Ireland and your go-to gal for all things GAA. A big lover of all things Christy Moore, fashion and some wine and cheese as well.

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