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Let’s Get Organised

Getting organised is easier than you think with these super easy life hacks! Because you don’t need New Year’s Resolutions to change old habbits!

Let’s face it, every year we make a New Year’s Resolution to be more organised, right?  Well come July, New Year’s Resolutions feel like something we made forever ago, while next year’s New Year’s Resolutions are miles away yet – so no need to worry.

Well, we don’t think you need to wait until January to get organised, especially where there are so many clever hacks that you can incorporate into your everyday life, that will make things so much easier.

#1 Have lots of nail polishes cluttering up your bed-side table, taking up much-needed space in your makeup bag, or just generally lying all over the house?  Use a cookie jar to store them all in the one place, minimising the amount of counter space you use.

Swan Fearne by Swan 3-Tier Cake Stand, €39.99
Swan Fearne by Swan 3-Tier Cake Stand, €39.99

#2 Stuck for counter space in the bathroom?  Use a cake stand to store your cleanser, moisturiser, cotton pads – you name it.  And how adorable is this Swan one?  Sure to make a gorge addition to any bathroom.

#3 Sick of tearing your house asunder in search for a bobby pin?  Use a tic tac box to keep them all together!

Sabichi 6 JAR SPICE RACK, €12.99
Sabichi 6 JAR SPICE RACK, €12.99

#4 Spice racks aren’t just great for organising your spices, but amazing for keeping smaller bits and bobs together.  For example, thumb tacks, screws, nails etc.  Stock up on a couple of them, we promise you won’t know what you did without these magnificent tiny jars in your life!

#5 Store duvet sets and sheets inside their matching pillow case.  So simple, yet so brilliant!  Not only will it make your hot press look so much neater, but it’ll save you pulling it apart looking for the final pillow case in the set.


White Paper Crochet Set of 3 Lidded Storage Baskets, €39.99
White Paper Crochet Set of 3 Lidded Storage Baskets, €39.99

#6 Hide unsightly chargers in these neat storage boxes.  These days everything we own comes with a wire charger, which is all well and good until we can’t find the one we’re looking for.  They’re not the prettiest items to have around your home either – so when you’re not using them, store them in these super cute crochet lidded storage boxes.

#7 Keep boots upright by placing an empty mineral bottle in them.  Not only will this help protect the shape of your boots, but will give you more wardrobe space, while they’re not slumped over to the side.

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