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The All-Ireland County Nickname Quiz!

How many can you get right?

If you attend GAA matches on the regular, there is a high chance you will have heard the county nicknames being roared from the sidelines. Do you think you know them all?

Well, it is time to put your knowledge to the test! All of the 32 counties have their individual nickname. Some of them are wonderful, and some of them are downright weird! So do you know your Treatymen from your Tribesmen? Give our quiz a go and see if you can match the correct nickname to the county. Best of luck!

The Saffrons

Correct! Wrong!

The Yellow Bellies

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The Bannermen

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The Faithful County

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The Lakesiders

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The Treatymen

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The Déise

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The O'Moore County

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Farney County

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The Premier County

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Can you guess the counties from their county nicknames?
A fair attempt - but you can do better than that!

Well done - you know all your county nicknames inside out!

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