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Cork camogie star Amy O’Connor is breaking the stereotype that women in sport aren’t interested in fashion

Cork Camogie player Amy O’Connor talks about her style on and off the pitch!

A girl can do both

Cork camogie star Amy O’Connor is most frequently seen with a hurl in hand, impressing crowds with her pace on the pitch. However, contrary to the opinions of many, talented half-forward Amy (like many of her Cork teammates) has a keen interest in style off the pitch too.

Amy has continued to impress with her style of play as the Cork Camogie team won back to back Camogie finals this year. We caught up with Amy to learn about how she marries sport and fashion together.

We caught up with Cork's Amy O'Connor before the 2017 All-Star Awards

Cork’s Amy O’Connor at the 2017 All-Star Awards

Do you look forward to getting dressed up for the event, and have you an interest in style yourself?

Yeah, I really look forward to getting dressed up. I love wearing fake tan and getting my hair and make-up done! I also love looking at different styles of different celebrities and bloggers, especially on Instagram.

I don’t get dressed up too often, particularly during the season but when I do, I love it. I’m a big fan of bright colours but at the same time I love the darker tones for winter.”

 What do you like to wear, off the pitch?

“As I’m studying pharmacy, we are required to wear ‘professional dress’ a lot of the time. But outside of this, I’m a big fan of leather, I like leather jackets and I feel like they can be casual but at the same time they can really dress up an outfit. You’d often find me in a pair of jeans. I particularly love high-waisted jeans and I love having a nice belt which would compliment them.

It would depend really on where I was going.  If I was going out to a party or an event or something I love wearing a dress and heels. Tracksuits obviously take up a good bit of my wardrobe at home as well!”


A lot of the Cork ladies have style. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile
A lot of the Cork ladies have style. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile


Do you have any favourite brands?

 “I have loads! I love Michelle Keegan’s new range. I’d be a big fan of hers anyway but I think her new range is gorgeous. She can really make the ‘professional’ look very stylish! I also have a lot of V by Very in my wardrobe at home. I think it’s a great range, they have something for everyone and it’s very affordable also! Poco by Pippa, Quiz and River Island would be another few of my favourites!”

 Do you ever find it hard to marry the two- camogie and fashion?

“They’re completely different worlds really! But I think since Littlewoods Ireland have gotten involved it’s brilliant as it shows that just because women play sport doesn’t mean they can’t also be into their fashion. There’s a bit of stereotyping involved, unfortunately, but I think when people see that such a large, well-known fashion and retail store like Littlewoods Ireland has gotten involved it might help stop that stereotyping.

“Often during the season, you wouldn’t have much time for fashion on training days especially as you’d be immediately going straight from college or work to training. I think Anna Geary has really shown that girls can be both stylish and play camogie.”

Who, in your opinion, has the best style on the Cork panel?

 “We have a few have very unique styles and we are actually all very different. I like Eimear O’Sullivan‘s style. Hannah Looney would be very unique, and Ashling Thompson has her own style going on as well, she has a very cool kind of style.”

 Who would you consider to have been your toughest opponent in your years of playing?

“I know it’s a cliche and everyone always says people from their own team, but genuinely the toughest opponent I have ever encountered has been probably been within our own team! Gemma O’Connor, Aoife Murray and Rena Buckley would be three that spring to mind.”

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Pippa Doyle

Pippa Doyle is a Sponsorship Executive at Littlewoods Ireland. She is a pop culture fanatic, avid Instagram scroller, and tea drinker; with a love of all things GAA, fashion, and chocolate. You will often find Pippa on the side lines of a GAA pitch!

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