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Mandatory match day routines we do during the All Ireland Senior Hurling Final!

Does your family do any of these?

When it comes to the GAA, every family have their mandatory match day routines or rituals. What ones feature in your household?

As a nation, we are just notoriously superstitious. We are creatures of habit and have our special routines that have to be carried out on match day.

Even the players themselves do this! Here are some of our favourite match day routines!


Award-winning picnic skills

For most families, the day before any match day is spent sorting out the tickets, making sure the jerseys and flags are ready to go, but more importantly, having a picnic packed!

Hang sandwiches are a traditional routine for practically any Irish GAA family. A ham sandwich is a ritual of the game, as you discuss the post-match analysis. Flasks of tea are also a must.

Putting the Child of Prague outside

Perhaps this is maybe only done in the countryside or more so at weddings, but when it comes to a match day, no chances should be taken.

In Ireland, it is a tradition that you put the Child of Prague (a small holy statue of Christ dressed like a King) outside. It is believed by doing this it will bring good luck, and moreover the good weather!

For some families, doing this will give your team the rub of the green come match day. A little out there, but you can’t beat an Irish tradition.


GAA is one of the oldest sports in the world. In years gone by, matches were played solely on a Sunday so the routine would have been to attend Mass in the morning and then onto the game afterward.

Nowadays, some families still uphold this tradition. ‘Sure we are praying for a win today!’

Cork Camogie star Ashling Thompson told us her home club of Milford also keep this tradition, it is part of their routine before any game.

“We always go to mass before any final. That’s what we do in Milford as well, we are the exact same. We always go before every All-Ireland. I do not go to Mass ever, but I would never fail to miss a Mass before a game,” she said.

Strategic Parking

A skill in its own right. On match day, thousands of people attend the game, which means the roads can be hectic.

For some families, they have their selected parking spot that they always go to. It’s reliable and guarantees you a good run on the road home.

Watching Up for the Match

No night before an All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final is complete without watching Up for the Match. It builds of up the excitement and gets you ready for the big day ahead on Sunday!

Join Des Cahill and Gráinne Seoige this Saturday evening on RTÉ where they will be bringing you all the pre-match action

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