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Are You A Natural Beauty or Glam Queen?

Are you a natural beauty, glam queen or somewhere in between?

There are so many beauty products available to us these days that it can be slightly overwhelming for some, and a long shopping list for others!  Find out your makeup personality by taking our mini beauty quiz, and see what latest makeup release you should treat yourself to!

What product can you not leave the house without?

On a daily basis, how long does it take you to do your makeup?

Everyone's talking about the latest makeup trend, what do you do?

How many shades of lipstick do you own?

What's your go to eye look?

Your 'no makeup' makeup consists of how many products?

How do you apply your makeup?


Amie Edmonds

Amie is a beauty fanatic, tan addict, clothes wearer, candle lighter and a tea & coffee drinker who strongly believes in the ‘treat yourself’ motto. Hobbies include endless Instagram scrolling, adding way too many items to her online basket and laughing at dog memes.

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