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Our favourite Nike Air Max picks!

We have chosen our favourite Air Max Pieces!

Nike Air Max are iconic. They changed the face of running footwear. With over 40 styles of Air Max in the range, we take a look at some of our favourite Nike Air Max picks!

Nike Air Max 90 LX – Pink/Grey

We are going right back to 1990 when Nike launched the Air Max 90 for the first time. Probably the most iconic of all the Air Max styles; the Air Max 90 was bigger and better than its predecessor.
The larger air bubble lends itself to an extremely springy feel, although it’s for more reasons than comfort that the Air Max 90 stands out from the crowd. The style brings with it, subtle branding, meaning more room for creativity in the design. It was the shoe that broke the mould and catapulted running shoes into the fashion sphere. And it even better these Nike Air Max 90 are on sale! Get them quick!

Nike Air Max 90 LX – Pink/Grey

Nike Air Max 95 Special Edition Premium – White/Silver

In 1995, designer Sergio Lozano took over the reins of designing the Air Max shoe, and after the success of the collection to date, you could say he had pretty big shoes to fill!

However, Lozano went on to create possibly the most memorable pair of Nike Air Max, of all time, the Air Max 95. Drawing inspiration from the human body and its bone structure, the Air Max 95’s radical design was supported by even more progressive technology and was the first to display visible forefoot air cushioning.

Nike Air Max 270 Flyknit – White/Green

The Air Max 2017 is a super lightweight and versatile runner that will take you right over the finish line. It is lightweight due to the Flymesh feature and provides airflow to keep you cool at all times. In these Nike Air Max, you will be both comfortable and secure!

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