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Our Top Toy Show Moments

Who’s excited for the Late Late Toy Show? We certainly are!

There’s only one sleep to go until we’ll be sitting down to watch The Late Late Toy Show, who can believe it?  The excitement is building!  This time tomorrow we’ll be in our PJs, pooling together the essentials and enjoying the obligatory treats.  This years Toy Show is set to be a big one, so we’re sure to be laughing, singing along and maybe even shedding a tear or two.  To get us all in the mood, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite moments from The Late Late Toy Show 2017!


Mia’s Surprise Trip

One moment in lasst year’s Toy Show that captured our hearts was when Ryan told Mia about her surprise trip.  Mia was currently living in a “busy house”.  Along with her mam, brother, both of her grandparents, as well as her aunt and her cousin because of Ireland’s current housing situation.  For a well deserved break away, Mia and her family are being treated to a holiday to Legoland, Florida.  We’re full of excitement for her!

Toy Show Moments 2017

Mollie & Sarah’s Adventure Days

Little Mollie and Sarah’s dreams were promised to come true for a day.  We watched on as their faces lit up with joy when they were told the fantastic news.  Mollie, who told Ryan and the audience that she hopes to be a zoologist.  She was shocked by the news that she’ll be training as a zoologist for the day.  Her face says it all!  Sarah, who has dreams of one day becoming an author, was told that she’ll be jetting off to London to spend the day in a publishing house.  We’re delighted for them both!

Toy Show Moments 2017

Nikki and her No-Nonsense Approach

We loved Nikki who had us full of laughter with her hands down honest approach.  When Ryan asked if she enjoys third class, her undisguised reply of a simple ‘no’ made us burst with laughter.  Not to mention when she told Ryan that her favourite thing to do with her friends is to laugh.  Cuteness overload!

Toy Show Moments 2017

‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ and ‘True Colours’

Okay so we cheated a little bit and we’re counting these two performances as one.  Simply because we just couldn’t decide between the two!  Maiú Levi Lawlor absolutely blew us away with his rendition of ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade‘.  He must be destined for Broadway!

Another performance from the night that we think will be in our hearts forever was by the Holy Family School for the Deaf.  Accompanied by singers Barry Murphy and Alisha Weir, as well as harpist Eimhear Greene, they performed a beautiful, heart warming version of ‘True Colours‘.  It’s safe to say our emotions weren’t for the better afterwards!

Toy Show Moments 2017 Toy Show Moments 2017

The Tearful Reunion

This is the moment that had the whole of Ireland talking (and crying) as the Burke family were reunited right before our eyes.  Adam and Kayla got the surprise of the life when their father, Graham, surprised them on the show.  Graham had been on duty with the Defence Forces in Africa, and had told the little ones that he wouldn’t be returning until January.  It was a beautiful moment when Graham was reunited with Adam and Kayla, who were then joined by their mother Marie and younger sister Emily.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!  We reckon this moment is one that will be hard to beat, in fact it could be our favourite Toy Show moment ever!

Toy Show Moments 2017


Who’s super excited for this year’s Toy Show?  Be sure to check out our list of Late Late Toy Show essentials, it’s got everything you need for the night!

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